Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

While mainstream media pumps out sensationalist headlines and scare-mongering reports on the corona virus in China the regime is doing what it does best, locking down populations, putting paramilitary on the streets, banning travel and of course censoring reportage. It is also taking full advantage of the situation (which some are wondering may well be an engineered ‘crisis’) to present itself as savior of the people.


Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

In Lhasa today the man who signs the orders to brutalize the Tibetans of U Tsang Region of occupied Tibet, Mr Wu Yingjie paid a propaganda visit to a medical facility. How the tortured and oppressed  of Tibet must have celebrated knowing that this Chinese regime thug was in the forefront against this virus!


Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!

Image: researched and obtained by @tibettruth

It was of course another staged performance, serving as ever the political needs of the Chinese authorities, there’s little evidence that Tibetans have contracted this latest viral condition. Menwhile amid the reporting frenzy surrounding this story there’s much disinformation and as usual a lack of realism. Well for anyone currently scared by what they’re seeing across the internet or on news reports (and we hear in exile a Tibetan lama has offered a protective mantra to protect Tibetans) let’s put things into perspective with some hard math. Are you ready?

106 (today’s total reported from China as having died from this virus) 1,439,323,776 (China’s population)

The formula being: 106 divided by 1,439,323,776 multiplied by 100 

Which equals: 0.000007365% (the percentage of China’s population that have reportedly died from the virus)

Now compare that tiny figure with the following:

2400 (reported CEC figure for Seasonal Flu Deaths in the US 2019) 327,096,265 (population of the US)

The equation now being: 2400 divided by 327,096,265 multiplied by 100

Which equals: 0.000733729% (percentage of USA’s population that died from Seasonal Flu in 2019)

Kinda brings home the reality as to why the panic and anxiety being whipped up by media and the actions of the Chinese authorities is misplaced.

There’s only one virus in Tibet that’s causing misery, illness and death, and that’s the presence and policies of China’s regime and its tyrannical military.!


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2 thoughts on “Tibetans Being Hit By Deadly Virus That Carries A Gun And Speaks Chinese!”

  1. I’m on your side with respect to “presence and policies of China’s regime and its tyrannical military.!”

    But since you brought up the corona virus, I have to agree with the precautions being taken. Your math comparing death rates of the corona virus to the seasonal flu is only looking at the current numbers. The potential of course is much worse. If agressive precautions are not taken, the death toll will be exponential.

    Best to stay on point and report of the unfair treatment being undertaken.

    1. Glenn, thanks for your comment, good to know you are in solidarity with the just cause of Tibet. As to calculations, clearly we are not affirming empirical certitude one way or another in respect to how this virus will develop in terms of spread or intensity. One thing for sure there’s too much media speculation that is sensationalist and designed to induce fear and in no small way is creating for some a sense of panic. Now on the present reality, both in terms of the symptomatic impact, thankfully barely existent fatality rate is what medical bodies and researchers have to base their modelling on. Sure if that dramatically changes, and there’s a radical mutation in terms of it’s rate of dispersion, numbers affected and more critically fatality levels then our comments are open to critique, and we will be happy to acknowledge, review and revise accordingly. However as it is what has been stated is factually valid, particularly with regard to the truth that it’s China’s illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet that has inflicted suffering and death on a huge scale to the Tibetans.

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