The Fraudulent Defenders Of A Tolerant Society


If ever proof was needed that Earth is in truth a planetary detention center for the criminally insane then the manipulation and deception which was to hijack the Unity March, that challenged the appalling recent events on the streets of Paris, surely presents convincing evidence. The staged image of global political leaders seemingly leading this mass outpouring of solidarity against extremism was of course a fake, taken in a deserted street, surrounded by security forces! It was a photo-opportunity that simply could not be resisted and one that served a dark agenda, which predictably seeks further erosion of civil liberties and an increase in the power of the surveillance state!


The cynical sleight-of-hand, aided by a servile and at times hysterical media support was rightly exposed and criticized across the Internet, yet that outrage was eclipsed by the venom and condemnation at the presence of Israeli leader Benjamin Nentanyau, ‘The Butcher Of Gaza’ who has the blood of countless innocent Palestinians upon his hands. What had been born from the hopes and solidarity of French citizens was kidnapped and debased into a circus of propaganda. Those who had rained terror from the skies onto civilians in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq now donned the color of mourning and issued platitudes of deceit about freedom-of-speech, human rights and democracy! The terrorist elite  lifted aloft the birds of peace and justice and vowed to honor and defend freedom, it was a demonstration of delusion and deception on a scale reminiscent of 9/11.

Meanwhile China’s regime issued a statement condemning the shootings “We are deeply shocked at the terrorist attack and strongly condemn it,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said, “We mourn for the victims and express sympathy to the bereaved families and the injured.” SOURCE

Not much mourning from the global political elite for the murdered and tortured peoples of Tibet, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia, lands who suffer, at the hands of China, a genocidal assault against their culture, religions and national identity. The same leaders who engineered their duplicitous show of solidarity at Paris have done little but indulge the Chinese authorities, weasel words of diluted concern has greeted the endless list of atrocities authorized and committed by China’s totalitarian government. Freedom of speech will be defended in Europe while its violent suppression in Tibet and Palestine is callously ignored, such was the nauseating hypocrisy that shadowed the image taken on that protected and empty Parisian boulevard.

Latest Anti-Uyghur Propaganda From China's Regime

Latest Anti-Uyghur Propaganda From China’s Regime


Meanwhile ever vigilant to seek maximum advantage of global events China’s propaganda machine has been busy posting further anti-Muslim disinformation across the streets of towns and cities in East Turkestan. In these crude cartoons those forces which in reality are terrorizing Uyghur culture are transformed from soldiers of retribution to those of peace and unity. These racist inspired images have a perverse vulgarity reminiscent of anti-Jewish propaganda from the 1930s, with those deemed subversive by the state shown as worthy only for annihilation.  Untermensch (German for under-man, sub-man, subhuman) is a term used by the Nazis to describe so-called “inferior people”. An attitude not entirely dissimilar to that held by China’s regime to wards the brutalized, exploited, and colonized Tibetan, Uyghur and Mongolian peoples!

As commentators and politicians line-up to offer their insights and positions of freedom-of-speech, under the vicious tyranny of China’s regime people are denied that right, somehow their plight seems diminished, less valued by a western society that demands of its Muslim communities to respect and defend freedom-of-speech, while offering the mildest expression of unease as such freedom lies battered and bleeding across the occupied land of East Turkestan.

New UN Rights Commissioner To Swallow China’s Lies On Tibet

Graphic courtesy of @tibettruth

The recently appointed UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is to visit occupied Tibet, with a possible trip to East Turkestan, (Report Here) the presumed purpose of his journey is to witness for himself the situation facing the oppressed Tibetan and Uyghur  peoples. Unfortunately as with other fact-finding delegations ( permitted by the Chinese authorities he will be seeing very little apart from stage-managed propaganda!

China’s Regime Fooling Western Media Over One-Child Policy

One of the great fictions subscribed to by a number of prominent Tibet related organizations is that Tibetans are exempt from the atrocities generated by China’s notorious birth-control program. Such groups form this conclusion based upon the official declarations of the Chinese regime, interviews with a handful of Tibetans or the claims of anthropologists whose career interests require a pro-China line!

Curiously such credulity towards an authority expert in deception and propaganda does not extend to other human rights issues. Seems there’s a disconnect at work, with salaried lobbyists simultaneously rejecting China’s claims that Tibetans are not subject to human rights abuses, yet willing to accept without critique assertions from the Chinese government that the grim excesses of China’s one-child policy, including forced sterilizations, are not applied in occupied Tibet!

There exists however a considerable body of detailed information, testimony and witnessed accounts that reveals Tibetans have indeed suffered such abuses and continue to do so. Moreover statements from a number of Chinese officials have over the years conceded such a reality, the most recent was featured in a report by Zee News, an Indian based news-site.

Sadly mainstream media has a tendency to repeat as factual the official pretensions served up by China’s regime, a habit much to the delight of the Ministry Of Disinformation in Beijing which uses such gullibility to spread various propaganda aimed at diluting and deflecting international concern on any range of human rights issues. Meanwhile of course the violations continue, as women in China who suffer forced sterilizations would testify.

The Zee News report however, while displaying a naivete of breathtaking proportions, reported a concession from  Yang Wenzhuang that Tibet and East Turkestan had not yet relaxed the regulations pertaining to the one-child policy, now the propaganda line is that so-called ethnic minorities were exempt from such restrictions. Yet here we have a leading Minister in China’s Family Planning Commission acknowledging without qualification that these occupied territories have indeed been subject to such regulation!

Terrorist Explosions Hit China In Xinjiang

Image:original pierrej/graphic from @tibettruth

Our thoughts go out today to the reported 31 people killed REPORT and many injured in the series of explosions in Urumchi, the capital of occupied East Turkestan, known to China’s regime as Xinjiang.

China’s authorities have swiftly determined ‘terrorism’ as the cause and laid blame firmly upon elements within the Uyghur population. If we are to accept Beijing’s claims then the flames of dissent are being fanned by external extremist forces, its a familiar account which is being uncritically reported as fact by western media.

The details and perpetrators will no doubt be difficult to independently establish, and we should assess such events against the ever present reality that China’s regime is notoriously censorial and manipulative on the issue of East Turkestan, like Tibet and Southern Mongolia a land which has suffered decades of oppression and violence courtesy of Chinese rule.

What is known however is that China is waging an ideological war on the subject of East Turkestan and for years has been actively  portraying Uyghurs as Islamic terrorists, a charge that is backed more by a cynically constructed narrative than objectively established facts.

It may well be that people in the region have decided to launch an armed campaign against China, the resulting suffering is a cause of deep concern, yet a reactionary response, reliant upon a regime that specializes in terror itself, should be tempered with an understanding of the context of vicious colonization, oppression and exploitation which Uyghurs have endured. What terrorism will they again suffer as China places Urumchi under a military lock-down?


Urumchi Station Attack Exposes China’s Psyop Against Uyghurs

Bombing Of East Turkestan's Urumchi Rail Station

Bombing Of East Turkestan’s Urumchi Rail Station


Yesterday’s blast which caused death and injury at Urumchi railway station in East Turkestan is drawn from a well poisoned over decades of violent repression against the Uyghur people, by a Chinese regime that is determined to assimilate and erode the culture and national identity of that Central Asian land. Ignored by a corrupted United Nations, virtually invisible to Muslim states whose support and attention is focused upon the great injustice of Palestine what options do Uyghurs actually have?

As the world looks on at the bombing, presented through the distorting lens of China’s propaganda ministry, shocked and appalled, just what does it expect from those whose land and freedom have been stolen? Uyghur culture is under siege, swamped by Chinese colonization, while across East Turkestan Chinese troops occupy every city and town, which are now polluted and gaudy Chinese sprawls.

Downtown Urumchi

Downtown Urumchi


A once highly cultured state has become a Chinese colony, exploited and oppressed, with its natural resources sucked dry to service the economy of the tyrant. The Uyghur people denied the most fundamental of freedoms, women forcibly sterilized, a culture in chains. It is of course a grim reality that China’s authorities prefer you were ignorant of, how better to conceal such tyranny than by character assassination!

No Freedom In East Turkestan

No Freedom In East Turkestan


This is an agenda that operates behind China’s reportage on East Turkestan, a dark and cynical motive to portray the region as a laboratory for unrest and terrorism. In a breathtaking display of hypocrisy China’s psychopathic leadership, rather like a rapist criticizing a woman for resisting his assault, protests against even the mildest form of dissent.

Meanwhile China is engaged in an ideological war that seeks to deceive international opinion on the subject of East Turkestan, seen most tellingly in coverage of the attack in Urumchi. It places great value upon the role of psychological operations, and its potential to distort the perceptions of a target audience, in this case via a compliant and largely uncritical global media. Such manipulation has become a favored tool of the Chinese security and propaganda agencies See File


In 2000 China established the Institute of Psywar of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army which trains officers in a range of psychological warfare techniques, including disinformation and media manipulation.


As noted by Chinese military academics Wang and Yang:

“In modern times the vast development in information, science, psychology, the science of broad-casting, and other sciences, and in particular the emergence of new and high technologies such as satellite communications,electronic computers, networking technology, and multimedia technology, provide a firm theoretical foundation and modern tools for psychological warfare.” (Source-Wang Zhenxing and Yang Suping, “On PSYWAR in Recent High-Tech Local Wars,” Junshi Kexue [China Military Science] December 20, 2000, pp. 127-33)

Within the twisted world of disinformation nothing is ever as it appears and without condoning the loss of life or injury, we need to exercise caution in responding to events such as the bombing at Urumchi. Perhaps too we can remember the decades of repression and suffering endured by the Uyghur people, whose plight is callously ignored by the international community.

China’s Cultural Zoo


The United States, having invaded and militarily occupied Afghanistan, imagine it then enforcing the English language upon the Afghani people, facilitating a mass colonization of that country with American settlers, imposing draconian restrictions on religious freedoms and practice, establishing a regime that governs through martial law and denying political and civil freedoms, decides in Washington DC to construct an ethnological theme park to enable tourists to ogle at traditional Afghan culture. Such a scenario would invite charges of racist colonialism and inevitably draw parallels with the ‘model villages’ set up by Hitler to convince international opinion that Jewish culture was respected and flourished under the ‘care’ of  Nazi-Germany.

Nazi Propaganda Village-Theresienstadt In Then Czechoslovakia


There was of course a troubling period during the establishment of the United States which witnessed a brutal assault upon the cultures of indigenous peoples, marginalized, oppressed and under siege from westward expansion, their lands stolen, traditions and culture suppressed. Similar colonial aggression and racist intolerance was imposed upon peoples within the British Empire during the 19th Century. Such actions derive from a darker side of humanity, which some claim have been consigned to history by ‘progressive liberal nations’, not sure the people of Fallujah in Iraq would agree, poisoned by Depleted Uranium courtesy of the Pentagon!  The chaotic aftermath of the Second World War, and emergence of human rights and international law, along with the creation of the United Nations (UN) was (in theory at least) to seek an end to colonialism and the suppression of peoples.

Cold War Cartoon


Unfortunately in drawing up UN charters and statutes, during the highly polarized and politically charged climate of the Cold War, definitions and agreements as to what constituted ’colonialism fell into two basic camps, one defined by former colonial powers such as Britain, whose empire was an overseas possession, and communist powers such as the Soviet Union and China, who argued forcibly to ensure political control and sovereignty over peoples and lands they had subjugated, such as Tibet and East Turkestan. They were happy to agree to an end of colonialism, but only the blue-water variety, where the dominant power controlled nations overseas. On that dubious basis they were unwilling to accept that their annexations and rule over Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, or Kazakhs, and all the occupied nations of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, were colonial. It was not in their ideological, political and economic interest to acknowledge that reality.

This resulted in subsequent UN Charters on colonialism and the rights of peoples, in terms of national self-determination (independence) essentially supporting the political and territorial integrity of states, in which peoples were not afforded the right under international law or UN Charter to independence per se, but were granted minority rights such as autonomy. This left both the Soviet Union and China in complete, unchallenged control of territories that had been annexed and beyond international or United Nations interference.

Colonial Propaganda Staged In 1960’s Occuped Tibet


With the collapse of the Soviet Union the world was left with one last great land empire, communist China. Under the socialist flag of China’s expansionist aggression and colonialism continues to suppress formerly independent peoples, such as Tibetans and Uyghurs, while imperialist policies exploit and erode those cultures. Like other empires there is a racist component to Chinese rule, in which the professed superiority of Han China presides with arrogant and violent patronage over so-called minority peoples. One very nauseating example of that attitude, and not too removed from the imaginary scenario that opened this post, is the so-called ‘National Ethnic Minorities Park’ in Beijing. Supposedly designed to protect so-called ethnic heritage, at this claimed anthropological museum, Tibetans, Uyghurs and others peoples are employed to daily perform, against a culturally themed architectural backdrop, various traditions for the benefit of tourists.

Directions For Communist China’s Cultural Zoo


Sitting there, watching the sickening burlesque of propaganda performance, are visitors aware of the manipulation and distortion they are exposed to? Is there any recognition that the very cultures on display are violently imprisoned and abused by the same communist regime which claims to be protecting such peoples. Anyone possessed of intelligence and integrity would of course not endorse this obscene mockery of Tibetan and Uyghur culture, and be opposed to any action that may legitimize China’s colonialism and exploitation of occupied nations such as Tibet and East Turkestan.

Symposium On Free East Turkestan


A major international symposium will gather this coming weekend in Istanbul to examine and discuss the situation inside East Turkestan,  a Central Asian country, like Tibet, which  is occupied by communist China, and experiences a similar range of violations and oppression. The conference will include a number of prominent scholars and activists who will document the history, culture and political situation of the Uyghur people in their struggle against communist Chinese tyranny. More information@

“Chinese pressure has been effective in the life of Uyghur people for half a century. Questioning the order of fear and violence, and voicing freedoms usually result in death. Telephones are wiretapped, houses are watched. Use of media and communication devices are censored. Decision to pursue an honorable life requires acceptance of unlimited hardships in advance.

The Uyghur people welcomed the new millennium in the grip of repression and pressure. Like all peoples under pressure and occupation the Uyghur people too came under the security-minded spiral of violence of the Beijing government in the wake of the 11 September and pressure increased on Uyghurs living in East Turkistan and different parts of the world.

In East Turkistan, one of the countries with richest underground and surface resources, people are pushed to the degree of fatal destitution. China has strengthened its grip on East Turkistan because of its rich oil and natural gas reserves that are comparable to those of Saudi Arabia and Iran, gold, silver and coal resources, and this policy of pressure has made the life for Uyghur unbearable. The Chinese that are resettled in East Turkistan from thousands of kilometers away are now seen as the sole inheritors of local riches.

Like other peoples that gained their independence in various parts of the world in the post-Cold War era the people of East Turkistan, the heart of Turkistan, the fertile land of the Silk Road, wish to achieve their liberation.

The East Turkistan Symposium aims to draw attention to a region under occupation for two and a half centuries where even most basic rights of people are suspended and people are forced to immigrate to survive. It is bringing together a number of academics, thinkers, opinion leaders, civil society representatives and individuals and bodies that have owned the East Turkistani cause from different countries to discuss past, now and future of the region sacrificed to Realpolitik concerns, and work out a right and just solution to the problem.

The East Turkistan Symposium aims to help the understanding of the East Turkistan question that is not understood properly by the world public opinion due to Realpolitik, disinformation and distortions of international relations, to systematically report lawless practices the people of the region have been subject to until now, to include official and civilian, local and international actors in the solution, to create solution partners and to put the problem on the agenda of all conscientious people that are in favor of establishing rights and justice.

Via the Symposium of East Turkestan, it has been targeted to carry the international society to an influential position for the solution of the problem. Bringing the structural problems into the agenda are also among the goals of the symposium. For instance, China’s being one of the members of the UN Security Council and having the right to veto UN decisions prevents the UN taking fair decisions for East Turkestan.

The East Turkistan Symposium urges international bodies such as the United Nations, the European Union and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and states to take an active role in restoring rights of people of this region urgently and in putting a swift end to the ongoing unjust and repressive rule in East Turkistan.

We hope that the East Turkistan Symposium will contribute to liberation of all peoples that share the fate of East Turkistani people, and keep our hope to live in a future when justice has been established as a family of world peoples.”

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