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Why World ‘Leaders’ Are Culpable Of Crimes Against Tibet

Turning A Blind Eye

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No genocide exists in a vacuum and while responsibility can often be justly placed upon an originating tyranny, be it China’s regime, the Khymer Rouge, or dictators such as Stalin and Hitler the atrocities and oppression which spring from such fascistic authority are often enabled and tolerated by the political and economic interests of other states. Some go further of course and encourage and fund state-terrorism, we need only to assess the history between the CIA and Pol Pot to realize that ethics can be relegated below geo-strategic requirements. Sure the Western Allies went to war against the Nazis, but there was much appeasement, indifference and indeed financial, as well as academic cooperation with Hitler’s Germany that took place. Would the horrors that came to define Germany during that period have been prevented or significantly reduced had the world presented, from the rise of Hitler, a unified and determined stance against fascism?

Of course it was not in the political and more importantly commercial interest of countries to destablize relations with Germany in the years prior to the Second World War. Yet they were aware of the accounts of labor-camps, forced-sterilization laws and growing persecution of Gypsies and Jews, but took vitually no action. Such economically driven apathy sent a clear signal to the Nazis that the wider world cared so little of such reports as to be interpreted as an acceptance of their vicious campaign of suppression.

A similar theatre of callousness is emboldening the Chinese regime while Tibetans, Uyghurs, Mongolians, and Manchurians are suffering a genocidal assault against their cultural and national identity. Concentration camps are housing up to a million Uyghurs, existing in a dark misery, abused and indoctrinated with the approved ideology of China’s totalitarian authority. Human rights violations mostly ignored, the eradication of Tibetan and Uyghur culture barely mentioned, apart from the occasional platitude from a United Nations official or carefully worded report. Global media too facilitates the odious excesses of dictator Xi Jinpeng, its reportage, with far too few notable and sadly isolated examples, preoccupied with a narrative that in-the-main avoids or treads very softly on the nature and extent of tyranny that characterizes China’s policies towards Tibet and East Turkestan.

What’s behind such engineered disinterest? The political and financial concerns of states which have long elevated trade interests with China above unease on human rights and the brutal denial of freedom being witnessed against Tibetans and Uyghurs. What’s been a global scramble to profit from the opportunities of a Chinese market has resulted in a dilution of foreign policy anxieties on China and almost extinction of ethical structuring of such protocols. When governments issue bland and acutely worded cautions on human rights related issues on China their target audience is not the vile and corrupted terrorists of the Chinese regime, but a domestic one. Better show folks at least some pretence of valuing the principles we  make so much noise about as exemplifying our national values on liberty, justice and rights. These of course are being trampled into the dust by China’s paramilitary as they inflict measures of control and abuse that Himmler’s SS would have recognized!

Yet it is largely silence that dominates the global response, as business, media corporations and politicians grovel to Beijing, signalling to China that in real terms they are unconcerned by the harrowing atrocities and war of genocide against Tibetan and Uyghur culture. Like their Twentieth Century counterparts their greed-driven indifference makes them complict enablers of the harrowing crimes being perpetrated against the people of occupied Tibet, East Turkestan and China itself.

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The Fraudulent Defenders Of A Tolerant Society


If ever proof was needed that Earth is in truth a planetary detention center for the criminally insane then the manipulation and deception which was to hijack the Unity March, that challenged the appalling recent events on the streets of Paris, surely presents convincing evidence. The staged image of global political leaders seemingly leading this mass outpouring of solidarity against extremism was of course a fake, taken in a deserted street, surrounded by security forces! It was a photo-opportunity that simply could not be resisted and one that served a dark agenda, which predictably seeks further erosion of civil liberties and an increase in the power of the surveillance state!


The cynical sleight-of-hand, aided by a servile and at times hysterical media support was rightly exposed and criticized across the Internet, yet that outrage was eclipsed by the venom and condemnation at the presence of Israeli leader Benjamin Nentanyau, ‘The Butcher Of Gaza’ who has the blood of countless innocent Palestinians upon his hands. What had been born from the hopes and solidarity of French citizens was kidnapped and debased into a circus of propaganda. Those who had rained terror from the skies onto civilians in Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq now donned the color of mourning and issued platitudes of deceit about freedom-of-speech, human rights and democracy! The terrorist elite  lifted aloft the birds of peace and justice and vowed to honor and defend freedom, it was a demonstration of delusion and deception on a scale reminiscent of 9/11.

Meanwhile China’s regime issued a statement condemning the shootings “We are deeply shocked at the terrorist attack and strongly condemn it,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said, “We mourn for the victims and express sympathy to the bereaved families and the injured.” SOURCE

Not much mourning from the global political elite for the murdered and tortured peoples of Tibet, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia, lands who suffer, at the hands of China, a genocidal assault against their culture, religions and national identity. The same leaders who engineered their duplicitous show of solidarity at Paris have done little but indulge the Chinese authorities, weasel words of diluted concern has greeted the endless list of atrocities authorized and committed by China’s totalitarian government. Freedom of speech will be defended in Europe while its violent suppression in Tibet and Palestine is callously ignored, such was the nauseating hypocrisy that shadowed the image taken on that protected and empty Parisian boulevard.

Latest Anti-Uyghur Propaganda From China's Regime
Latest Anti-Uyghur Propaganda From China’s Regime


Meanwhile ever vigilant to seek maximum advantage of global events China’s propaganda machine has been busy posting further anti-Muslim disinformation across the streets of towns and cities in East Turkestan. In these crude cartoons those forces which in reality are terrorizing Uyghur culture are transformed from soldiers of retribution to those of peace and unity. These racist inspired images have a perverse vulgarity reminiscent of anti-Jewish propaganda from the 1930s, with those deemed subversive by the state shown as worthy only for annihilation.  Untermensch (German for under-man, sub-man, subhuman) is a term used by the Nazis to describe so-called “inferior people”. An attitude not entirely dissimilar to that held by China’s regime to wards the brutalized, exploited, and colonized Tibetan, Uyghur and Mongolian peoples!

As commentators and politicians line-up to offer their insights and positions of freedom-of-speech, under the vicious tyranny of China’s regime people are denied that right, somehow their plight seems diminished, less valued by a western society that demands of its Muslim communities to respect and defend freedom-of-speech, while offering the mildest expression of unease as such freedom lies battered and bleeding across the occupied land of East Turkestan.

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New UN Rights Commissioner To Swallow China’s Lies On Tibet

Graphic courtesy of @tibettruth

The recently appointed UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mr Zeid Ra’ad al Hussein is to visit occupied Tibet, with a possible trip to East Turkestan, (Report Here) the presumed purpose of his journey is to witness for himself the situation facing the oppressed Tibetan and Uyghur  peoples. Unfortunately as with other fact-finding delegations ( permitted by the Chinese authorities he will be seeing very little apart from stage-managed propaganda!

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China’s Regime Fooling Western Media Over One-Child Policy

One of the great fictions subscribed to by a number of prominent Tibet related organizations is that Tibetans are exempt from the atrocities generated by China’s notorious birth-control program. Such groups form this conclusion based upon the official declarations of the Chinese regime, interviews with a handful of Tibetans or the claims of anthropologists whose career interests require a pro-China line!

Curiously such credulity towards an authority expert in deception and propaganda does not extend to other human rights issues. Seems there’s a disconnect at work, with salaried lobbyists simultaneously rejecting China’s claims that Tibetans are not subject to human rights abuses, yet willing to accept without critique assertions from the Chinese government that the grim excesses of China’s one-child policy, including forced sterilizations, are not applied in occupied Tibet!

There exists however a considerable body of detailed information, testimony and witnessed accounts that reveals Tibetans have indeed suffered such abuses and continue to do so. Moreover statements from a number of Chinese officials have over the years conceded such a reality, the most recent was featured in a report by Zee News, an Indian based news-site.

Sadly mainstream media has a tendency to repeat as factual the official pretensions served up by China’s regime, a habit much to the delight of the Ministry Of Disinformation in Beijing which uses such gullibility to spread various propaganda aimed at diluting and deflecting international concern on any range of human rights issues. Meanwhile of course the violations continue, as women in China who suffer forced sterilizations would testify.

The Zee News report however, while displaying a naivete of breathtaking proportions, reported a concession from  Yang Wenzhuang that Tibet and East Turkestan had not yet relaxed the regulations pertaining to the one-child policy, now the propaganda line is that so-called ethnic minorities were exempt from such restrictions. Yet here we have a leading Minister in China’s Family Planning Commission acknowledging without qualification that these occupied territories have indeed been subject to such regulation!

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Terrorist Explosions Hit China In Xinjiang

Image:original pierrej/graphic from @tibettruth

Our thoughts go out today to the reported 31 people killed REPORT and many injured in the series of explosions in Urumchi, the capital of occupied East Turkestan, known to China’s regime as Xinjiang.

China’s authorities have swiftly determined ‘terrorism’ as the cause and laid blame firmly upon elements within the Uyghur population. If we are to accept Beijing’s claims then the flames of dissent are being fanned by external extremist forces, its a familiar account which is being uncritically reported as fact by western media.

The details and perpetrators will no doubt be difficult to independently establish, and we should assess such events against the ever present reality that China’s regime is notoriously censorial and manipulative on the issue of East Turkestan, like Tibet and Southern Mongolia a land which has suffered decades of oppression and violence courtesy of Chinese rule.

What is known however is that China is waging an ideological war on the subject of East Turkestan and for years has been actively  portraying Uyghurs as Islamic terrorists, a charge that is backed more by a cynically constructed narrative than objectively established facts.

It may well be that people in the region have decided to launch an armed campaign against China, the resulting suffering is a cause of deep concern, yet a reactionary response, reliant upon a regime that specializes in terror itself, should be tempered with an understanding of the context of vicious colonization, oppression and exploitation which Uyghurs have endured. What terrorism will they again suffer as China places Urumchi under a military lock-down?


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Urumchi Station Attack Exposes China’s Psyop Against Uyghurs

Bombing Of East Turkestan's Urumchi Rail Station
Bombing Of East Turkestan’s Urumchi Rail Station


Yesterday’s blast which caused death and injury at Urumchi railway station in East Turkestan is drawn from a well poisoned over decades of violent repression against the Uyghur people, by a Chinese regime that is determined to assimilate and erode the culture and national identity of that Central Asian land. Ignored by a corrupted United Nations, virtually invisible to Muslim states whose support and attention is focused upon the great injustice of Palestine what options do Uyghurs actually have?

As the world looks on at the bombing, presented through the distorting lens of China’s propaganda ministry, shocked and appalled, just what does it expect from those whose land and freedom have been stolen? Uyghur culture is under siege, swamped by Chinese colonization, while across East Turkestan Chinese troops occupy every city and town, which are now polluted and gaudy Chinese sprawls.

Downtown Urumchi
Downtown Urumchi


A once highly cultured state has become a Chinese colony, exploited and oppressed, with its natural resources sucked dry to service the economy of the tyrant. The Uyghur people denied the most fundamental of freedoms, women forcibly sterilized, a culture in chains. It is of course a grim reality that China’s authorities prefer you were ignorant of, how better to conceal such tyranny than by character assassination!

No Freedom In East Turkestan
No Freedom In East Turkestan


This is an agenda that operates behind China’s reportage on East Turkestan, a dark and cynical motive to portray the region as a laboratory for unrest and terrorism. In a breathtaking display of hypocrisy China’s psychopathic leadership, rather like a rapist criticizing a woman for resisting his assault, protests against even the mildest form of dissent.

Meanwhile China is engaged in an ideological war that seeks to deceive international opinion on the subject of East Turkestan, seen most tellingly in coverage of the attack in Urumchi. It places great value upon the role of psychological operations, and its potential to distort the perceptions of a target audience, in this case via a compliant and largely uncritical global media. Such manipulation has become a favored tool of the Chinese security and propaganda agencies See File


In 2000 China established the Institute of Psywar of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army which trains officers in a range of psychological warfare techniques, including disinformation and media manipulation.


As noted by Chinese military academics Wang and Yang:

“In modern times the vast development in information, science, psychology, the science of broad-casting, and other sciences, and in particular the emergence of new and high technologies such as satellite communications,electronic computers, networking technology, and multimedia technology, provide a firm theoretical foundation and modern tools for psychological warfare.” (Source-Wang Zhenxing and Yang Suping, “On PSYWAR in Recent High-Tech Local Wars,” Junshi Kexue [China Military Science] December 20, 2000, pp. 127-33)

Within the twisted world of disinformation nothing is ever as it appears and without condoning the loss of life or injury, we need to exercise caution in responding to events such as the bombing at Urumchi. Perhaps too we can remember the decades of repression and suffering endured by the Uyghur people, whose plight is callously ignored by the international community.

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UN Finally Crawls Into Limited Action On China’s Killings

At last the United Nations decides to crawl into action as communist Chinese troops shoot, arrest and abuse Uyghurs in East Turkestan for daring to protest at the continuing oppression in their land and oppose the injustices and human rights violatiosn which characterises China’s occupation. 

A senior level United Nations human rights official on Tuesday called on Chinese authorities and what it chose to describe as ‘ethnic groups’  in the region to refrain from further violence after what the UN representative termed “a major tragedy.” Ms.Navi Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, said demonstrators had the right to protest peacefully and that those arrested should be treated in line with international law.

Ms Pillay demanded a  full and transparent investigation which she insisted should be conducted into the causes of the deaths following Sunday’s peaceful protests,  and called on Communist Chinese authorities to publish the identities of those killed, and exactly determine what happened.  

“I urge Uighur and Han civic leaders, and the Chinese authorities at all levels, to exercise great restraint so as not to spark further violence and loss of life,” Pillay said in a statement. “This is a major tragedy.”

The former U.N. war crimes prosecutor was also concerned that China’s response should be measured. “However, it is vital that the authorities only resort to lethal force when it is strictly unavoidable in order to protect life.” She also called upon Communist China to treat humanely those arrested and use methods of questionning in compliance with international norms and that fair judicial process and investigation take place

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Statement by The World Uyghur Congress

National Flag of East Turkestan
National Flag of East Turkestan

World Uyghur Congress’ Statement on July 5th Urumqi Incident

The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) strongly condemns the Chinese government on its brutally cracking down of a peaceful protest of young Uyghurs in Urumchi on Sunday, July 5th 2009. According to Uyghur eyewitnesses, as many as 800 Uyghur peaceful protesters were killed and thousands were injured by the armed Chinese police and security forces.

The peaceful protest began with about 1,000 to 10,000 Uyghurs — mostly students marching towards the People’s square in central Urumqi at around 5:00pm on July 5th. They expressed their anger at Chinese government’s handling Guangdong Shaoguan hatred crimes. Hundreds of Chinese paramilitary police with shields, rifles and clubs were already in position and moved to disperse and arrest the protesters before they reached the People’s Square, which indicates that the government has full knowledge of the protest beforehand and well prepared to suppress. The main aim of the Uyghur protesters was to express their anger at government’s handling of a mob attack on Uyghur workers on June 26th 2009 at a toy factory in Shaoguan city, Guangdong Province, in which 18 Uyghurs were killed and more than 300 were injured.  The Uyghur protesters demanded a probe into the deadly attack on the Uyghur workers at Shaoguan and wanted to get an answer why the police did not show up for hours to stop the Chinese attackers.

The July 5th student protest started peacefully. The following live videos posted by several amateurs on YouTube speak for themselves. The student protesters were holding Chinese national flags in their hands at the time, and demanded justice for Uyghurs wounded and killed in Guangdong. They also protested against increased racial discrimination against the Uyghurs across China. However, as always they do, the authorities replied them with excessive forces instead of listening to the grievances of the Uyghur students. Paramilitary police initially used tear gas to disperse the student protesters then started shooting at them when they refused to leave. According to several Uyghur eyewitnesses, paramilitary forces started to shoot at any Uyghur protester on sight in the evening, chasing them around in alleyways, and killed an estimated number of 800 young Uyghurs. However, the Chinese media showed yesterday only some wounded Chinese victims and scenes of Uyghurs’ attacking on various vehicles, images that they carefully selected for the world and the Chinese audience to see, portraying Uyghurs as bad, troublemaking terrorists, a tactic that caused all this mess in the first place. They said 156 people died and 818 were wounded, but did not mention who they were and how they died or wounded. But the authorities are using all the means available to them to prevent the leakage of the facts on the ground to any international reporters by disabling all of the internet and phone communications between the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and outside the world. As the world already know, the Chinese government carefully crops out the news and images that it wants to show the world and hides the facts on the ground.

The Cause of This Protest is the Chinese Government, not WUC and Mrs. Rebiya Kadeer

The World Uyghur Congress categorically rejects China’s accusation that the peaceful protest was “masterminded by the World Uyghur Congress led by Rebiya Kadeer.” The WUC and Uyghur democratic leader, Mrs. Rebiya Kadeer, had no part in this protest.

It is a common practice of the Chinese government to accuse me for any unrest in East Turkestan and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for any unrest in Tibet. The Chinese authorities should acknowledge that the peaceful protest was sparked by the unlawful mob beating and killing of Uyghur workers at a Guangdong toy factory more than a week ago. The authorities should also acknowledge that their failure to take any meaningful action to punish the Chinese mob for the brutal murder of Uyghurs is the real cause of this protest. “The fact that Uyghurs were holding Chinese national flags speaks volumes for the nature of this peaceful protest and for what they were demanding – civil rights and equal justice under the law. They are not “outlaws” as accused by the Chinese authorities,” said Mrs. Kadeer.

Instead of addressing the legitimate demands of the peaceful Uyghur protesters, the Chinese authorities responded to quell the protest with the deployment of four kinds of police (regular police, anti-riot police, Special Police and the People’s Armed Police (PAP)). The Special Police and PAP used tear gas, automatic rifles and armored vehicles to disperse the Uyghur protesters. During the crackdown, some were shot to death, and some were beaten to death by Chinese police. Seventeen demonstrators were even crushed by armored vehicles near Xinjiang University, according to eyewitnesses.

 Police Brutality First, Violence Next

The Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported that “Another youth said the protest began peacefully but became violent after police fired on the crowd, and protesters then attacked cars and shops.” According to eyewitnesses contacted directly with WUC, the organizers of the protest made all the necessary preparation and arrangement for preventing the protest from turning into a riot, but the police brutality, including the beating of the protesters and the firing at the peaceful protesters, caused the violence including attacks on cars and shops.

What Happened on June 26 in Shaoguan?

In recent years Chinese Government has been forcing young Uyghurs, primarily marriage-age girls, against their wills to go to China’s coastal areas to work in factories as cheap labourers as part of their genocide strategies. Last May they brought 800 young Uyghur peasants to a toy factory in Shaoguan. It has been speculated that the factory laid off some Chinese workers to make room for the Uyghur new-comers. One laid-off disgruntled worker started a rumour that some newly arrived Uyghurs raped Chinese women. The Chinese workers believed in this rumour easily because of the constant portrayal of Uyghurs as bad criminals and violent terrorists by the Chinese state media, and thousands of them started attacking the Uyghurs randomly, killing 18 Uyghurs, including 2 girls, and injuring more than 300 according to some Uyghur sources. Video images of that attack are too horrific to watch, and the level of cruelty and hatred is incomprehensible. One of the video clips posted by a proud Chinese blogger shows a dozen Chinese were beating an Uyghur lying on the ground and yelling  at “you are not dead yet, you are not dead yet?” as they kept beating the motionless body.

According to Uyghur eyewitnesses, some Chinese distributed a truck load of batons to Chinese workers. Security guards on site not only did not stop them but also helped distribute batons. The police did not show up for three hours. What is more outrageous is the fact that those attackers were hailed as national heroes by Chinese bloggers who posted comments on those video images. This is a vicious hate crime that has resulted from government’s constant portrayal of Uyghurs as terrorists. Considering that those poor peasants were taken there by force against their will, shouldn’t the government do more to protect them?

In Shaoguan the police did not show up for hours while Uyghurs were being beaten black and blue and eventually murdered, however, in Urumchi they showed up with fully loaded guns even before the protesters arrived at People’s Square, and did not hesitate to use them against armless students. It is such a sharp contrast!

Xinjiang, which we call East Turkistan, is the home of about 10-15 million Uyghurs. We,  like the Tibetans have been suffering vicious political and religious persecution, ethnic discrimination and cultural genocide ever since the Chinese communists invaded our homeland in 1949. There was less than 7% Chinese in East Turkistan in 1949 now the immigrant Chinese consists more than 50% of the population because of influx of the Chinese immigrants. The Chinese Communist government have flooded our homeland with Chinese immigrants and marginalized the Uyghur people. The recent economic development in the area benefits mainly the Chinese immigrants, not the Uyghurs and other ethnic groups. The world did not pay much attention to Uyghurs as they did to the Tibetans, until Mrs. Rebiya Kadeer was released from the Chinese jail and came out to speak tirelessly for freedom, for human rights and for democracy for Uyghurs at various world stages and the saga of 22 Uyghur men wrongfully detained at Guantanamo started to shed a light on the Uyghur situation in China.

The Call by WUC

We, the World Uyghur Congress, call on the Chinese government to cease the brutal crackdown on the peaceful Uyghur protesters; to release those arrested in relation to this protest; and return all Uyghurs who killed and taken away by armed police to families so that they can proceed ceremonies according to the Uyghur cultural and religious tradition. We urge the Chinese government to bring those individuals responsible for the injuring and killing of Uyghur workers at the Guangdong toy factory on June 26 to justice. At the same time, we ask the international community to voice their concerns over the violent crackdown and unjustified injuring and killing of peaceful Uyghur protesters, and also hope the international media to listen to the stories of both sides involved before presenting the news from the Chinese media as facts. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of founding of the People’s Republic of China, we ask the Chinese government to change their six-decade long heavy-handed policies of forced assimilation, as well as cultural and ethnic genocide imposed upon the peace-loving Uyghur people and seek to resolve the East Turkestan question through peaceful dialogue.


Death Toll Rises in East Turkestan Protests

Uyghur Protest Violently Suppressed
Uyghur Protest Violently Suppressed


Reports from communist China’s propaganda machine Xinhua state that 140 people have been killed and more than 800 injured following a brutal crack-down by Chinese security forces of a peaceful demonstration in the capital city of Urumchi, East Turkestan (renamed as Xinjiang by communist China. Other sources in the region have claimed that the death-toll “was still climbing.”

Uyghur exiles condemned the crackdown, Alim Seytoff, vice president of the Washington, D.C.-based Uyghur American Association said

“We are extremely saddened by the heavy-handed use of force by the Chinese security forces against the peaceful demonstrators. We ask the international community to condemn China’s killing of innocent Uyhgurs. This is a very dark day in the history of the Uyghur people”

Meanwhile  Beijing has again been actively msirepresenting events, describing the protest as a violent riot, which they claim was orchestrated by exiled Uyghurs. The occupying regime in East Turkestan has accused former businesswoman now living in America, Rebiya Kadeer, of generating events via the telephone and Internet.

Communist Chinese puppet-governor, Nur Bekri, said in a televised address earlier today that “Rebiya had phone conversations with people in China on July 5 in order to incite and Web sites … were used to orchestrate the incitement and spread propaganda.”

China’s Ministry of Deception was eager to present the protests as “a pre-empted, organized violent crime. It is instigated and directed from abroad and carried out by outlaws in the country.”

 Alim Seytoff, in a telephone conversation from Washington, D.C., replied that that the accusations were baseless.

“It’s common practice for the Chinese government to accuse Ms. Kadeer for any unrest in East Turkestan and His Holiness the Dalai Lama for any unrest in Tibethe said.

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Uyghur Uprising Against Communist Chinese Oppression

A major political protest has been reported in Urumchi, capital of East Turkestan (Central Asian nation occupied by communist China and re-named as Xinjiang) According to a number of sources, including a Chinese News Agency, thousands of Uyghurs took to the streets to protest against continuing suppression , human rights abuses and injustice as a result of Chinese rule.

Indulging in the same slanted reportage used to describe political demonstrations inside Tibet, the Chinese media was quick to present the protests as riots claiming that so-called rioters were “attacking passersby [sic]and setting fire to vehicles”. However according to a number of local Uyghur sources the demonstration was peaceful until Chinese securitry forces began to use excessively violent force.

Local people reported that armed security forces and troop carriers arrived on the scene, using tear gas and water canons, later firing volleys of shots above the demonstration. Around 300 people have been reportedly arrested and there are reports of a number of deaths and injuries, although no firm details have yet emerged.

A report in the LA Times featured a response from Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, “Under Chinese law, we should have the right for a peaceful protest again what the Chinese government is doing to our people” He considered the demonstration as the most serious incident of unrest in the East Turkestan capital city.

Videos uploaded onto the Internet  revealed thousands of protesters marching on the market. The scenes were reminiscent of events in Lhasa during March and April of 2008, as decades of anger by Tibetans erupted into pro-independence demonstrations The protests today were sparked in part as a result of the cold-blooded June 26 killing of two young Uyghur men at a factory in China’s Guangdong province. Uyghur sources reported that the men were beaten to death by a crazed mob, outraged by false rumors that they had sexually harassed Chinese-Han women.

The head of the Japan Uighur Association, Ilham Mahmut, informed the Times of India that

“At 5pm local time about 3,000 Uighur people gathered in Urumqi and demonstrated and about 1,000 Chinese police confronted them, and I heard that two Uighur people are already dead,” Mahmut said.

“The Chinese police tried to disband the demonstration and they used electric cattle prods and they fired guns into the air as warning shots. As we speak about 300 Uighur people have been already arrested and I’ve heard two people died because Chinese police used electric cattle prods.”