Uyghur Uprising Against Communist Chinese Oppression

A major political protest has been reported in Urumchi, capital of East Turkestan (Central Asian nation occupied by communist China and re-named as Xinjiang) According to a number of sources, including a Chinese News Agency, thousands of Uyghurs took to the streets to protest against continuing suppression , human rights abuses and injustice as a result of Chinese rule.

Indulging in the same slanted reportage used to describe political demonstrations inside Tibet, the Chinese media was quick to present the protests as riots claiming that so-called rioters were “attacking passersby [sic]and setting fire to vehicles”. However according to a number of local Uyghur sources the demonstration was peaceful until Chinese securitry forces began to use excessively violent force.

Local people reported that armed security forces and troop carriers arrived on the scene, using tear gas and water canons, later firing volleys of shots above the demonstration. Around 300 people have been reportedly arrested and there are reports of a number of deaths and injuries, although no firm details have yet emerged.

A report in the LA Times featured a response from Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the World Uyghur Congress, “Under Chinese law, we should have the right for a peaceful protest again what the Chinese government is doing to our people” He considered the demonstration as the most serious incident of unrest in the East Turkestan capital city.

Videos uploaded onto the Internet  revealed thousands of protesters marching on the market. The scenes were reminiscent of events in Lhasa during March and April of 2008, as decades of anger by Tibetans erupted into pro-independence demonstrations The protests today were sparked in part as a result of the cold-blooded June 26 killing of two young Uyghur men at a factory in China’s Guangdong province. Uyghur sources reported that the men were beaten to death by a crazed mob, outraged by false rumors that they had sexually harassed Chinese-Han women.

The head of the Japan Uighur Association, Ilham Mahmut, informed the Times of India that

“At 5pm local time about 3,000 Uighur people gathered in Urumqi and demonstrated and about 1,000 Chinese police confronted them, and I heard that two Uighur people are already dead,” Mahmut said.

“The Chinese police tried to disband the demonstration and they used electric cattle prods and they fired guns into the air as warning shots. As we speak about 300 Uighur people have been already arrested and I’ve heard two people died because Chinese police used electric cattle prods.”

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7 thoughts on “Uyghur Uprising Against Communist Chinese Oppression”

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  2. Have included your comments, even though they are irrelevant, as an example of a closed mind. If you wish to post again make sure your contribution is related to the subject under discussion, as this is not a forum for obtuse philosophical debate.

  3. Thanks for the post, this information really helped me. I really like your website by the way. Again thanks!


  4. Not bad. I’ve been doing some research into this situation as of late for my studies at the university. It’s interesting to see all the similarities between the Uyghurs situation and the situation in Tibet. But seriously, what can the Uyghurs do when The US has turned their backs on them, their Muslim brother in central asia have turned their backs on them in an agreement to keep China off their borders. Uyghurs are alone. Fighting like the Taliban certainly won’t work. China is far to powerful to take to terrorist action. it’ll only make the hole deeper. so what do you do?

    1. Thanks for your comments. The decision on the nature and course of any freedom struggle rests with those who suffer the violent injustice and tyranny of occupation. In that context, while there are always challenges faced in regaining a nation’s freedom, people travel in hope, aware of the immensities of breaking free from oppression, yet determined to resist, often against overwhelming military force and economic power. Take Ireland’s struggle against English occupation, or more recently East Timor faced with the military might of Indonesia, people could (and did) have issued messages of ‘realism’ to those peoples, yet their heartfelt desire for independence drove them on, as it does with all who endure foreign occupation and violent suppression.The alternative, implied by your comments, proposes an acceptance of such injustice and domination, the Uyghur people cannot tolerate such a situation and shall no doubt continue to take whatever actions they feel appropriate to restore their rights and freedom.

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