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Tibet’s Nomads Have No Choice But To Agree To Be ‘Relocated’

Imagine for a moment you’ve been transported back to 1944 and you spot a headline in the newspaper that reads ‘Gypsies give support to relocation plan’. On further reading you notice a quote from a Nationalist Socialist Party official stating that: ‘The policy is entirely voluntary and no force is used in relocating Gypsies to the constructed settlements’. No doubt you would be feeling a real dissonance at that point.¬† After all it’s been established¬† those deemed by the Nazi State as ‘undesirable’ have been forced from their homes at the point of a gun. Failure to comply means torture, forced-labor or being shot!

Back in 2019 and the headline “Tibet nomads give support to relocation plan'” published January 22 by the China Daily, propaganda mouthpiece of the Chinese regime. Under the patently false claims of respecting the Tibetan environment (“We would rather slow down or give up our economic development than harm nature. This is important to ensure that future generations can also see the green mountains and pure rivers”. Mr Zhang Jianhua Chinese colonial official”) the ‘transfer’ of Tibetan nomads is justified as part of a process of environmental protection.

Let’s have a reality breakdown on this engineered deception. Firstly, the Chinese authorities claiming to protect Tibet’s environment is like a serial sex offender insisting he fully respects women’s rights! Folk across the digital world know too well that the rivers, mountains and grasslands of occupied Tibet are being polluted and seriously damaged by Chinese mining corporations, approved by China’s government. Removing Tibetans from resource rich lands is a key aspect of a greed-driven agenda’.

Lastly it’s important to be aware that the Chinese tyranny employs a wide range of euphemisms to conceal the dark reality of its illegal occupation and exploitation of Tibet. Take the innocuous sounding ‘relocation’, could be describing a wished for movement to another place, right? Look a little closer and the phrase is nothing more than code for the forced removal of Tibetans into concentration settlements. As we reported previously one of the key aims of China’s regime is to eradicate Tibetan national and cultural identity, the two central pillars of that character is Tibet’s nomadic traditions and its Buddhist and native religions. By a program of of ‘ethnic-cleansing’ Tibetans are denied their self-sufficient and sustainable lifestyle as nomads, bused into ‘socialist paradise villages’ to become dependent and compliant. Such is the harrowing truth behind China’s cynical use of the inoffensive term ‘relocation’!

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Welcome Comrade To Your New Home!


The Tibetan people’s nomadic culture is fast disappearing, courtesy of policies enforced by the Chinese regime, in which some 2 million Tibetan nomads are being removed from the grasslands and into housing settlements.

The official narrative would have you believe that this is a benign social program, aimed to provide Tibetans with the benefits of modern housing, after all who would enjoy a life under a tent during the bone-chilling winters of the Tibetan plateau?

Persuasive reasoning, right? What is not being mentioned though is that Tibetans have no choice in the matter, their right to maintain a way-of-life is being denied, by order of an oppressive foreign occupier.

Image: archivenet

There’s a dark motive operating behind the staged images of Tibetans ‘enjoying’ their modern homes, one that has at an objective an assault against Tibetan national and cultural identity.

In forcing Tibetans into what in essence are concentration camps China’s regime is engineering a dependent and population, formerly self-reliant Tibetans that lived a sustainable life on the grasslands are now reduced to a form of servility utterly reliant upon the Chinese authorities for fuel and food.

Meanwhile these drab concrete prisons, known officially as ‘socialist paradise villages’ concentrate Tibetan populations enabling China’s regime total control and freedom to pursue the degradation and eventual demise of Tibetan culture.


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It’s Cultural Extermination, Not Development In Tibet!

Another Socialist Nightmare Awaits Tibet's Nomads
Another Socialist Nightmare Awaits Tibet’s Nomads


Information received from inside Tibet and verified by interviews with Tibetans in exile reveals that China’s regime is implementing policies that are designed to create a wholly dependent and thus subservient Tibetan population. Given that the majority of Tibet’s people were of either a full or partly nomadic culture it is that group which faces the full force of such policies, although farmers too are feeling the impact.

The agenda operating may from the outside appear as altruistic, it is certainly promoted as such by China’s regime, replacing traditional lifestyles with the benefits of modernity, improved agriculture, housing settlements, transport links, greater availability of consumer goods. If we are to believe the official propaganda why Tibetans are experiencing a paradise, guided and funded by sensitive and respectful authority. Hmmmm.

The truth however is very different, what development that is taking place benefits mostly China’s regime and Chinese corporations; through the exploitation of natural resources and the countless Chinese settlers who now dominate businesses and services in Tibet. With huge profit to be made Tibetans are being further marginalized and exploited, additionally they are being ordered into socialist ‘villages’ such as the charming example below, where they will be ‘cared’ for the tyrannical authorities of the communist party of China!

Concentration 'Settlements' For Tibetans
Concentration ‘Settlements’ For Tibetans


Meanwhile Tibetans are being driven at gunpoint off their lands, forced into what are effectively concentration camps, their livestock confiscated and facing a wretched existence where they become dependent having to buy fuel and food. A reported 2 million Tibetans will over the next few years be relocated to such misery, their freedom of movement and independent lifestyles ended, a culture that stretches back to antiquity executed by order of the Chinese regime.

Stripped of their independence how many more years has this traditional lifestyle under the tyranny of China's regime?
Stripped of their independence how many more years can Tibetans retain this traditional lifestyle under the tyranny of China’s regime?


Any resource or way-of-life that enables Tibetans to preserve their national identity or sense of independence is being targeted, one account received details how Yaks are being systematically confiscated and slaughtered. This animal is critical to the nomads and farmers of Tibet, enabling ploughing, transport, the female Dri proving milk for yoghurt and butter, its fur used to make tent material and ropes. Now increasing numbers of Tibetan villages are empty of yaks, replaced by tractors, rented or paid for with loans to Chinese controlled banks or money lenders, fuel sold via Chinese run gas stores. During the severe winters Tibetans now increasingly are warmed not by the dried dung from yaks, but are reliant upon oil, which of course needs to be paid for, that further binds Tibetans to the economic infrastructure of their colonial tyrants.

Is this the inevitable future of the Tibetan yak? It's fur died white to carry Chinese tourists into the sacred lake of Yamdrok Tso?
A sight that looks set to become rarer as China forces Tibetans off their lands


So beware reports, so uncritically repeated by mainstream media of China’s claimed investments into truncated regions of Tibet such as the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region, such accounts are carefully constructed deceptions that seek to mislead and distract attention away from the odious reality which Tibet’s people endure under the iron-fist of the Chinese authorities.

With appreciation to Human Rights Watch for their excellent and must read report on this issue PDF Here albeit its disappointing use in the title of a phrase (Tibetan areas in China) engineered by China’s regime to assert the lie that Tibet is not independent nor rightfully possessed of that status.