Welcome Comrade To Your New Home!


The Tibetan people’s nomadic culture is fast disappearing, courtesy of policies enforced by the Chinese regime, in which some 2 million Tibetan nomads are being removed from the grasslands and into housing settlements.

The official narrative would have you believe that this is a benign social program, aimed to provide Tibetans with the benefits of modern housing, after all who would enjoy a life under a tent during the bone-chilling winters of the Tibetan plateau?

Persuasive reasoning, right? What is not being mentioned though is that Tibetans have no choice in the matter, their right to maintain a way-of-life is being denied, by order of an oppressive foreign occupier.

Image: archivenet

There’s a dark motive operating behind the staged images of Tibetans ‘enjoying’ their modern homes, one that has at an objective an assault against Tibetan national and cultural identity.

In forcing Tibetans into what in essence are concentration camps China’s regime is engineering a dependent and population, formerly self-reliant Tibetans that lived a sustainable life on the grasslands are now reduced to a form of servility utterly reliant upon the Chinese authorities for fuel and food.

Meanwhile these drab concrete prisons, known officially as ‘socialist paradise villages’ concentrate Tibetan populations enabling China’s regime total control and freedom to pursue the degradation and eventual demise of Tibetan culture.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Comrade To Your New Home!

  1. What right did China ever have to invade a peaceful and settled nation, imposing barbaric dark-age style dictatorship while claiming that the obviously more socially advanced and settled Tibetan people were “backward”?? It is China’s rule that is backward, it dates back to China’s false and centuries-old claims on the beautiful land, creatures and people that are Tibet!

  2. This is a world-wide problem too! Even here in the UK our own travelling people, both traditional and “new age” are mistreated by police, national and local government and local static-dwellers making it difficult for them to maintain their lifestyles. Governments AND PEOPLES MUST become truly enlightened and break out of the outdated communist/capitalist overlord trap where minority groups and individuals are victims of administrations’ hate crimes!

  3. It frightens me that they round Tibetans up like sheep before a slaughter. The sky sends its condolences.

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