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Tibet Sky: China’s Great Movie Lie!

We travel in hope that people are essentially good-hearted and value human rights and freedom, is such optimism misplaced when we hear of plans of internationally respected film festivals linked with screenings of China’s nauseating propaganda movie ‘Tibet Sky’?

Surely the world of cinema would not wish to endorse a movie that whitewashes, distorts and conceals China’s genocidal assault of Tibet and its people?

So festival organizers of Montreal and Salento in Italy we ask you to stand with Tibet’s people and not the tyranny which is China’s regime.

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Tibet Sky-The Greatest Cinematic Lie Ever Told


Not since Leni Riefenstahl lovingly fashioned ‘Triumph Of The Will’, her propaganda celebration of Nazi-Germany¬† or the film board of apartheid South Africa encouraged documentaries of the supposedly content black populations of the townships, has the world-of-film witnessed such a disturbing glorification and endorsement of tyranny.

Yet a new film from China ‘Tibet Sky’, reportedly to feature at the Salento International Film Festival in Italy this June and the Montreal International Film Festival during August, looks set to be inducted into that hall of cinematic infamy. Produced by Ren Zhonglun, the Shanghai Film Corporation and with the backing of the Chinese Regime, the movie takes disinformation on Tibet to even greater depths of duplicity, inaccuracy and fabrication. More information¬†HERE


Although masked by a superficial narrative relating to the personal journeys of two Tibetan characters the objective of this master-class in propaganda is clear, to peddle the state approved mythology, as engineered by the Chinese authorities, that Tibet was liberated from feudal bondage and has since enjoyed a renaissance of unbound joy and prosperity. This obsequious propaganda, sanctioned with the approval of a totalitarian regime that inflicts such suffering upon the people of Tibet will surely cause great concern to all those who value human rights, liberty and justice.

Meanwhile is it too fanciful to hope that within the film world integrity and a commitment to human rights will prevail and that this nauseating whitewash of China’s genocidal assault upon Tibet will not be supported or promoted? Sure we know that Hollywood is seeking big dollars and expansion by various collaborations with China, money talks and usually says ‘screw principle’ however it is important to expose and challenge this latest effort by China’s Regime to conceal the harrowing reality of its invasion and illegal occupation of Tibet.

To that end we appeal to the Salento International Film Festival and the Montreal International Film Festival to express solidarity with the Tibetan people and principles of human rights and freedom and withdraw any plans to screen ‘Tibet Sky’.

Anyone wishing to support that petition is invited to do so via Twitter, Facebook or email

Serge Losique, President
Montreal International Film Festival


Twitter: @FFMMontreal


Luigi Campanile – Executive Director
Salento International Film Festival