Tibet Sky: China’s Great Movie Lie!

We travel in hope that people are essentially good-hearted and value human rights and freedom, is such optimism misplaced when we hear of plans of internationally respected film festivals linked with screenings of China’s nauseating propaganda movie ‘Tibet Sky’?

Surely the world of cinema would not wish to endorse a movie that whitewashes, distorts and conceals China’s genocidal assault of Tibet and its people?

So festival organizers of Montreal and Salento in Italy we ask you to stand with Tibet’s people and not the tyranny which is China’s regime.

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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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