China’s Nuclear Mole: A Potential Security Disaster Ignored By UK Authorities

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In the English county of Somerset, a massive construction site is giving birth to a new nuclear plant, called Hinkley C. There’s lot of reasons to be concerned, not least environmental issues and operational safety. While the media may have moved on from the radioactive nightmare of Fukushima, the wider public remain justifiably anxious at the prospect of another meltdown. Not to worry claims the UK Government, who are entirely satisfied that the project will operate to the ‘highest standards’, after all folks there can relax knowing its being built and heavily funded by China’s General Nuclear Power Group. Right?

Apart from the specter of a nuclear incident there have been other objections, notably that allowing China such control and ownership over a UK power plant may compromise areas of national security. Such fears have been dismissed by the authorities. However with the head of the CIA today citing China as a major threat to US and European interests, and declaring that Chinese espionage is a serious issue, should the British government be complacent on such a vulnerability?

They should consider recent discoveries made at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the $200 million building was gifted by China and included a computer system which it turned out had servers programed to transfer sensitive and classified information directly to a server based in Shanghai!   Report here


The Chinese Elephant In Kim Jong un’s Nuclear Command Center

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Global media is rarely out of frenzy mode, presently its editor’s are salivating over apocalyptic headlines while journalists excitedly speculate on the prospects of a nuclear winter which may arise from North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. For that to happen an equation of madness is required, an act of aggression by Kim Jong-un’s regime against US territory, or that of its regional allies, and a military response ordered by President Trump. This is the basic narrative which is being promoted, exaggerated and dissected across news channels and the internet. Yet such an outcome is unlikely. Due, we are also informed, to the strategic needs of China which would not wish a destabilized North Korea or military conflict on its border On this reasoning diplomats and politicians line up to advocate that it’s in the interests of the Chinese regime to use its leverage to moderate the aggressive provocations of North Korea. Meanwhile ever further sanctions are threatened and the United Nations Security Council convenes yet again to issue strongly worded condemnations. That’s the mainstream version, but there’s another and one which receives less public exposure, here’s the breakdown on that.


China, far from being an ally which the US calls upon to serve as an honest broker and constraining influence, is a covert accomplice with the North Korean regime. Chinese companies violate UN sanctions on trading arms related technology–from-china/2017/04/12/4893b0be-1a43-11e7-bcc2-7d1a0973e7b2_story.html?utm_term=.ea3242c21506  

China enables through funding and scientific support a nuclear and missile capability for Kim Jong-un. All this happening within a North Korea whose economy we are constantly assured has been reduced to ashes, where citizens are surviving hand-to-mouth. Yet by some epic financial conjuration endless funds are seemingly available to develop a nuclear arsenal, where is the money coming from? To answer that question we need to apply the logic of Sherlock Holmes and ask who, apart from Kim Jong-un, most benefits from a nuclear armed North Korea? The answer is of course in plain sight and is well known to President Trump, the State Department and Pentagon. However this undercover sponsor of North Korea’s military aggression is barely mentioned publicly, its obvious role in facilitating the missile production and testing and nuclear capabilities receives at best a muted criticism.


Kim Jong Un (right) and Chinese Politburo standing committee member Liu Yunshan at Kim Il-Sung square in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Image: Ed Jones/Getty Images

These are significant circumstances underlying the ongoing tension with North Korea, a region which China’s regime is determined to maintain through its political, economic and technological support. Its motive being to ensure that a unified democratic Korea, and prominent ally of the United States, does not extend to its borders. So it covertly backs Kim Jong-un and the dangerous status quo, while appearing on the world stage as a voice of reason and restraint, urging all parties to pursue a negotiated settlement. Think on this next time you hear Trump or other politicians describing China as a friend or ally which can be called upon to bring a peaceful resolution to the issue of North Korea!

Anonymous Shut-Down China’s Nuclear Site!

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Anonymous hacktivists today released a statement detailing their action against  China’s nuclear group website, which was taken offline early morning as part of #Op_Tibet. This coincided with a meeting between Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and UK Prime Minister which formalized Chinese investment into the British nuclear industry.

News of this latest strike was posted on an anonymous paste site and may be seen here: