China’s Nuclear Mole: A Potential Security Disaster Ignored By UK Authorities

Image: courtesy of @tibettruth

In the English county of Somerset, a massive construction site is giving birth to a new nuclear plant, called Hinkley C. There’s lot of reasons to be concerned, not least environmental issues and operational safety. While the media may have moved on from the radioactive nightmare of Fukushima, the wider public remain justifiably anxious at the prospect of another meltdown. Not to worry claims the UK Government, who are entirely satisfied that the project will operate to the ‘highest standards’, after all folks there can relax knowing its being built and heavily funded by China’s General Nuclear Power Group. Right?

Apart from the specter of a nuclear incident there have been other objections, notably that allowing China such control and ownership over a UK power plant may compromise areas of national security. Such fears have been dismissed by the authorities. However with the head of the CIA today citing China as a major threat to US and European interests, and declaring that Chinese espionage is a serious issue, should the British government be complacent on such a vulnerability?

They should consider recent discoveries made at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the $200 million building was gifted by China and included a computer system which it turned out had servers programed to transfer sensitive and classified information directly to a server based in Shanghai!   Report here


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