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What Really Will A Future US President Say About China’s Plastic ‘Dalai Lama’?

What Really Will A Future US President Say About China's Plastic 'Dalai Lama'?
Image: @tibettruth/alicdn

Recent declarations signed by outgoing President Trump supporting the Tibetan tradition of selecting the Dalai Lama and demanding non-interference in that process have no doubt offered comfort and encouragement within the exiled Tibetan community. Political solidarity however has its shelf-life, and changes or is abandoned according to events of economics and politics.

With that in mind, as China’s regime is covertly engineering a plastic figure to propose as the rightful next Dalai Lama, we wonder what response will be forthcoming from future US Administrations and the State Department when faced with the following inevitability.

Having carefully constructed its bogus Dalai Lama every effort will be made to exploit this creation for political and propaganda purposes. For example we envisage the plastic figure will be sent on global tours spreading its message of ‘harmony’ and ‘good will’. A key destination for such orchestrated deception will of course be the USA.

So what will the reaction be from US authorities to a request from the Chinese regime that every diplomatic courtesy and support is extended to its plastic representative? Would the Secretary of State decline a meeting with this polymer puppet and declare support and recognition only to that Dalai Lama chosen by exiled Tibetans in accord with genuine tradition?

Or would the ever-present pressure of trade with China reassert itself? These are sobering questions that need to be raised as a reality-check against the integrity and motives of a US political establishment. Which since 1972 has betrayed the just cause of Tibet’s people for national freedom.

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Tibet, A Taboo Word Within The State Department

Tibet-A Taboo Word Within The State Department

Image: usembassyorg

It would be easy for people, on the basis of President Trump’s comments on China to conclude that the USA is on a course of getting tougher with the Chinese authorities, trade of course is key in the present tensions between the two.

However behind the scenes, the State Department and its foreign policy experts are still applying a thick layer of appeasement when it comes to China. The occupants of the White House come and go but that failed and fossilized approach of ‘constructive enagagement’ continues within the corridors at 2201 C St., NW.

On February 8 Ms Alice G. Wells Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs hosted at the State Department a reception to mark Tibetan New Year. We just got a  copy of her speech in which she repeatedly references ‘Himalayan Region, peoples or communities’ There is of course no mention of Tibet, quite what those Tibetans gathered there thought of this would be interesting to note. As it will be to see how long her remarks remain on the State Department website!

Tibet-A Taboo Word Within The State Department
Tibet-A Taboo Word Within The State Department With Tibetan Representative Mr Ngodup Tsering With Ms Alice Wells, At The Event In Which She Could Not Bring Herself To Utter The Name Of Tibet

Image: Nyima Binara/CTA

Now that omission is no accident, the deliberate avoidance of mentioning Tibet in favor of ‘Himalayan Region’ is a reflection of the mindest of appeasement within the State Department to China. Fearful, even within the bowels of its Washington DC HQ of causing any offence, or being seen to endorse the very notion of an actual land called Tibet! Pathetic!


Lobby Your Senator For Tibetan Independence


The courageous resistance of Tibetans to China’s tyranny continues, across Tibet protests, collective and individual are demanding a rightful independence for Tibet. Beyond the borders of that blighted land in the leafy location of C Street NW Washington DC, the State Department, continues to bury Tibet as an international issue, content to consign its people to a dangerous future as a ‘minority’ under China’s bloody maw. No matter the cynical motives and actions of America’s foreign policy mandarins, Tibetans continue to struggle for their nation’s freedom. We can support their sacrifices and objective by calling upon the Administration and Senate to recognize the political aspirations of the Tibetan people. Help us to ensure that the Tibetan people’s demand for an independent Tibet is heard by your Senator, Secretary-of-State, John Kerry and President Obama.


1) Please email your Senator and request them to present the following, as a written question, to Secretary-of-State. John Kerry:

Will the Secretary Of State acknowledge that Tibetans inside Tibet are protesting against Chinese rule, and as well documented media and eyewitness reports testify, are demanding independence?

Ask your Senator to provide you with a copy of their correspondence, and any reply from the Secretary-of-State.

2) Give your Senator the facts by adding this link to your email

Inform them that the pamphlet on independent Tibet provides clear evidence of Tibet’s former independence

Email/contact details of your Senator may be easily found here:

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State Department Becoming China’s Mouthpiece On Tibet

Here’s an educational video on why exactly Tibetans should not consider the State Department any true friend, and certainly no supporter of the very goal of independence that Tibetans demand in their struggle against the tyranny of Chinese occupation. Checkout the snake-oil being dispensed here by US State Department spokesperson, Ms Victoria Nuland, who in just under a minute successfully manages to deliver the agenda of appeasing China’s sensitivities on Tibet while misrepresenting the nature and object of such protests by Tibetans.

She suggests that it is ‘policies’ which are causing Tibetans to self-immolate, carefully choosing to ignore the reality that it is China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet that is driving some Tibetans to carry out these singular political actions. Of course her Department is anxiously aware never to stray into the issue of Tibet’s political status or imply any recognition of Tibet as a nation,or former independence. This is revealed by Ms Nuland correcting herself at 0.27/28 seconds of the video when she first states;

” Urge the Chinese Government at all levels to address policies in Tibet…” Which she swiftly changes to “Tibetan areas”

This craven appeasement towards the Chinese regime was on display again during a Washington DC press conference. In response to China firmly rejecting overtures from the exiled Tibetan Administration for negotiations on autonomy. a State Department spokesperson yesterday called upon the Chinese authorities to enter discussions with the Dalai Lama.

“We have continued to urge the Chinese Government to engage in substantive dialogue with the Dalai Lama or his representatives without preconditions as a means to reduce tensions, obviously urge China to address policies that have created tensions in Tibetan areas and that threaten the Tibetan unique culture,” (Emphasis Added) Source:

This phrase is a cynical construct designed and engineered within the ideological laboratories of China’s regime to promote the falsehood that Tibetans are an ethnic group of China confined to various locations, yet as it slyly implies, firmly within Chinese territory. The facts are of course very different as Tibetans are a distinct people surviving in an independent nation under illegal and brutal occupation. The State Department denies that reality and has embraced such obvious propaganda from China, along with mainstream media it happily complies with China’s bogus claims over Tibet.

State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf reinforced such disinformation. The misrepresentation she peddled to assembled journalists shifted attention away from the core truths of Tibet’s cause by suggesting it is China’s policies alone that are generating Tibetan protest. She invites the somewhat logical conclusion that should China moderate or cease its oppressive measures then Tibetans would end their demonstrations. Yet her employer’s know full well that Tibetans are struggling not simply to end repressive policy but to assert Tibetan independence and national identity.

A subject too toxic for a State Department whose foreign policy values regarding China are to maintain, further secure and encourage positive ties with the Chinese Regime, the truth of the Tibetan struggle is therefore an unwelcome distraction, and so is ignored, denied and lied about in the pursuit of appeasing America’s number one investor.

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First Lady Gets Used By China’s Regime & The State Department!

Image: original photo by AP/Andy Wong Pool-Graphic via @tibettruth

Readers looking at the staged image above may well be experiencing a degree of nauseating propaganda, please note you will find a sick-bag located under your seat, meanwhile we trust our exposure of this shameless deception will help to reveal just how desperate the Chinese regime is to convince the world of its lie that Tibetan culture is respected and flourishing under its tender mercies!

Clearly the First Lady has been placed in an entirely invidious situation, used not only by China’s propaganda ministry but also the State Department, which would have discussed and agreed this event weeks ago. What seems not to have troubled the sharp suits of 2201 C Street NW  is exposing Michelle Obama to what was a cynical and duplicitous political charade, imagine for a moment a visit to the former racist and apartheid state of South Africa by a First Lady. As part of the supposedly non-political tour she is taken to a restaurant near Soweto and welcomed by the stiff smiles of staff, meanwhile in that blighted township the black population is denied fundamental freedoms and suffering appalling human rights abuse. Would such a controversial and ethically troubling event have been approved by officials in Washington DC?

We would love the opportunity to discuss such a scenario with Michelle, who perhaps is already aware that Tibetans are suffering a genocide that seeks to assimilate and eventually eradicate the culture and national identity of Tibet. Just what was John Kerry’s department thinking of when approving this? Is this what the State Department means by ‘Diplomacy In Action’?

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Zero Tolerance On Feminism’s Selective Outrage

State Department February 14, 2012


Whenever America’s banker flies into DC there’s a scramble to the wardrobes by the folks on the hill  to find a suitably complimentary color, a clear leader in this obsequious race is Hillary Clinton, whose eye for an outfit  never fails to impress. As China’s Vice President Xi Jinping  met with U.S. Secretary of State for a luncheon yesterday Hillary was resplendent in a eye-watering red jacket. Politics and low fashion collided in an effort to make China’s next President feel right at home, and what better way than to be dressed in the color so appreciated by the Chinese Communist Party. Officials at the State Department appear to have been busy getting up to speed with China’s favored decorations for such occasions, which usually involve masses of artificial or natural flowers in various combinations of red and yellow. This charming combination had clearly not escaped the attention of covert operations who dutifully briefed staff at the Department on which color scheme would send the right psycho-graphic message to Mr Jinping, which no doubt explains the various items and shades which dominate in the photograph above!

It’s a stressful few days for Hillary, apart from the priority of having to fawn over the Chinese delegation and attend to the seemingly endless guest list of corporate heads all seeking a chance of grovelling before Xi Jinping, watched over by that éminence grise of US-China relations, Henry Kissinger, she is scheduled on Thursday February 16 to present the opening address at a conference to commemorate the Ninth Anniversary of the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. Organized by the State Department and held at the aesthetically pleasing surroundings of Benjamin Franklin Diplomatic Reception Room, it is an important event highlighting a troubling violation of human rights. A number of prominent guest will also be giving speeches, following presentations by Joe Crowley and Hillary’s go to lady, Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, Melanne Verveer. These include, Molly Melching, Founder and Director of the non-governmental organization Tostan; Imam Mohamed Magid, President of the Islamic Society of North America; Thomas von der Osten-Sacken, General Manager of the German non-governmental organization Association for Crisis Assistance and Development Co-operation (WADI); Nafissatou J. Diop Director of the United Nations Population Fund and United Nations International Children’s Fund Joint Programme on FGM/C; and Zeinab Eyega, Executive Director of the Sauti Yetu Center for African Women.

Anyone concerned with women’s human rights will of course welcome this meeting and its objectives in terms of ending the practice of FGM and raising awareness of this harrowing subject, that it has established an international day of opposition reflects the degree of concern and political importance it has attracted, commanding the supported by Hillary and her Department. Of course Secretary Clinton is no stranger to issues of women’s human rights, and has on occasion spoken out on that equally disturbing issue, China’s policy of forcible sterilizations, on one memorable occasion, prior to the 1995 UN World Conference on Women in Beijing.


Apart however from such isolated criticisms a veil of silence and indifference surrounds the subject of China’s medical atrocities, this contrasts markedly with the response to female genital mutilation, to which feminists. women’s NGOs and bodies such as the United Nations Fund for Population and United Nations Commission On The Status of Women are rightly opposed. It is a vicious disfigurement and abuse of a woman’s freedom of control over her own cut that area of female anatomy for the purposes of cultural practice has attracted concerted and fierce opposition.

What is disappointing is that the same people (including invited speakers at the  International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation) are utterly silent on China’s mass programs of forced sterilizations. Yet, is the slicing open of a woman against her will, forcibly sterilized through such ‘surgery’, any less barbarous than the practice of FGM? Clearly not as both constitute a violent abuse of women’s human rights. Yet the influential and agitated voices of condemnation on female genital mutilation, many of who will be attending the meeting, maintain a cold hearted silence on the countless numbers of women forcibly sterilized by China.

While we congratulate Ms Clinton for her championing of human rights and support this event, its moral   integrity is demeaned by the worrying absence of an equivalent day of action against China’s program of forced sterilizations. How about it Hillary? Will the State Department organize an International Day of Zero Tolerance to China’s Forced Sterilizations?