Tibet’s Phone Users Under 24/7 Surveillance

Tibet's Phone Users Under 24/7 Surveillance

Image: @tibettruth/chogo

Couple of days back the Chinese regime trumpeted that phone usage in Tibet had increased to nearly 4 million.

Of course that would be worthy of celebration if such claimed increase came with attendant progress in human rights, religious freedom and respect for Tibet’s cultural traditions.

However far from indicating such improvements (or ideas of economic progress and social modernity, which is what China’s authorities seek to plant in your mind) for Tibetans, the expansion of cell phone networks and personal use is yet another component of the suffocating control over Tibet.

All networks are authorized and monitored by the regime, as is internet and phone use, while the roll-out of 5G across Tibet enables mass surveillance technology. No phone call inside occupied Tibet is safe!


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

Well we made it, 2020  has arrived and around the world much celebration for a better year, unless you were a Tibetan suffering under the relentless misery and oppression of Chinese rule. In Lhasa and across occupied Tibet there were no parties, music concerts or dancing, only the sound of paramilitary patrols stomping along the sidewalk.

While the highlight show for the evening was a speech from Xi Jinping extolling the virtues of patriotism and loyalty to the Chinese communist party and its ambitions for the so-called Motherland.

For any Tibetan who dared go outside they would be confronted by the countless armed patrols ensuring what the Chinese authorities call ‘social harmony’


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

All movement is constantly monitored and Tibetans face a series of suffocating restrictions, roads into and out of towns are littered with checkpoints and anyone driving is targeted for ID checks.


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

In Lhasa and other Tibetan towns high-tech security systems are being implemented, including facial recognition cameras and bio-metric barriers to control and identify each and every Tibetan. There is no aspect of life inside Tibet which is free from surveillance and Chinese regime oppression.


Tibetans Have Nothing To Celebrate As 2020 Ushers In More Oppression For Tibet

Image: researched and produced by @tibettruth

The Big-Brother Command Center Which Coordinates Tyranny Over Tibet

The Big-Brother Command Center Which Coordinates Tyranny Over Tibet

Image: @tibettruth

Having placed Tibet under a suffocating military occupation since invading in 1950, with every village and town swarming with Chinese paramilitary, China’s regime has more recently completed its totalitarian grip on the Tibetan people through the implementation of CCTV surveillance, bio-metric identity cards and facial recognition systems. This high-tech tyranny has been rolled out across occupied Tibet ensuring instant monitoring and assessment of almost every aspect of daily activity, Tibetans are existing under a digital terrorism. One that has the objective of eradicating Tibetan national and cultural identity.

The Big-Brother Command Center Which Coordinates Tyranny Over Tibet

Image: @tibettruth

The Chinese regime is central to the administration, funding and expansion of this oppressive and intrusive system. To ensure ideological compliance and coordination of its cultural genocide against Tibetans it has launched a ‘Big Brother’ command center that links to operation rooms in various regions of Tibet. Titled the ‘National Security Command of the Tibet Autonomous Region (sic)’ this week it held an online conference session to “Fully promote the implementation of various stability maintenance measures in place, resolutely win and complete the “final war” of stability maintenance at the end of the year”.  The latest dictates issued to its communist party zealots for implementation against the Tibetan people.

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The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

Image: voa/reuters updated by @tibettruth

Have you wondered why the issue of Tibet seems to have dropped off of the media radar? There has over the past few years been a remarkable silence, broken occasionally by reports of self-immolation protests. Yet increasingly the information coming out appears to have reduced dramatically. There’s one man who could offer an explanation, but he’s something of a biased participant. Mr Chen Quanguo the communist Chinese party (CCP) official directly responsible for imposing a mass surveillance system and ruthless police-state in occupied Tibet, and more recently within so-called Xinjiang (East Turkistan). Like this Chinese regime mobile facial recognition center below.

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

Image: businessinsider

This communist Chinese regime psychopath, formerly Party Secretary (2011-2016)  in the Tibetan region known as U-Tsang, devised a strategy of control that divided Tibet using a grid-system. Into each was established Chinese police stations at regular intervals across the entire region which formed an inter-locked, inescapable security presence. He also organized, through bribery and intimidation Tibetan households to spy on each other. This was assigned the euphemism of the “double-linked household management system.”

These draconian measures were not enough for Quanguo, he also throttled and distorted the flow of information, cracking down on relatively independent news sources, replacing them with media outlets loyal to the CCP. He transformed ‘Tibetan’ TV new channels into 24/7 conduits for Chinese regime propaganda. Anyone having satellite television was required, by fear of prison, torture and forced labor, to have only a reception fixed to channels approved by the authorities.

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

From what information which has emerged by the end of 2016, Quanguo had built over 700 police stations, which are called ‘convenience police stations,’ and created 81,140 ‘double-linked households’ that monitored around three million Tibetans.

With a seemingly limitless budget, he vastly increased the number of Chinese ‘police’ in occupied Tibet and played a key role in the introduction and expansion of technological surveillance which has added to the infrastructure of daily oppression and fear experienced by Tibetans. CCTV now monitors virtually every street, roads, public space in towns across occupied Tibet. This has been augmented recently by the implementation of facial-recognition systems, engineered, installed and maintained by Chinese tech-corporations such as Huawei, Sense Time, CIMC and Tencent Technology (which enjoy fruitful commercial and research relations with western companies and institutions such as MIT).

Below selected Tibetans pose for the launch of a facial recognition system in local banks in downtown Lhasa. Notice what looks like a Master Card logo on the cash-machine?

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

Image: archivenet

Such disturbing surveillance is being enhanced by a program of bio-metric identity cards forced upon Tibetans. Without which the meager support (housing rights, fuel or food supplies) offered by the occupying Chinese authorities is withheld. Meanwhile, the internet, social media and cellphone apps such as Tik-Tok are monitored and censor any mention of human rights, Tibet or the Dalai Lama.

The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

Image: getty

Having successfully engineered complete and effective totalitarian control over the Tibetan population Quanguo was appointed to target a similar system of oppression and surveillance against the people in neighboring East Turkistan (so-called Xinjiang). Which he is presently realizing, having criminalized Uyghur culture and identity, forced countless thousands into concentration camps and detained huge numbers of infants within indoctrination centers. While the potential of big-data, AI and facial-recognition systems is discussed across western media, some regarding the expanding technology as offering positive social opportunities, Chen Quanguo and his thuggish comrades within the CCP have reminded the wider-world of the very genuine dangers such advances present.

Having taken office in occupied East Turkistan Chen Quangou has applied all the lessons of surveillance and oppression from his time in occupied Tibet to target and suppress Uyghurs. Facial recognition cameras (circled) in the city of Kashgar.


The Chinese Psychopath Who Turned Tibet Into A Surveillance Nightmare

Image: archivenet

Apart from violating basic freedom such as the right-to-privacy, the unique bio-data of an individual, monitored, recorded and stolen by the hands of tyrannical regimes such as China’s enables greater restrictions and supervision. Eroding civil and political rights while empowering the capacity of a government to impose an increasing spiral of oppressive social, economic and political controls.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
Liverpool Museum reportedly complied with local police to install facial recognition system to scan visitors

Image: dayoutwiththekids

Can you imagine what John Lennon would have thought about a museum in his Liverpool home-town installing facial recognition technology to invade the privacy of visitors, in an act of big-brother surveillance? Maybe his son can write a song about that? Yet for sure that’s what has happened according to a report by the UK campaigners Big Brother Watch, and what lies behind the decision is a cause for real concern to anyone valuing human rights and the intrusion of the state upon civil and personal liberties.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
The Chinese regime with the active support of Huawei has rolled out the most intrusive and oppressive mass surveillance system across China and occupied territories such as Tibet and East Turkistan

Image: scmp

The World Museum has admitted that such technology was operated, and in a curious twist stated that the decision to extract the bio-metric data of its visitors was taken during an exhibition on China’s ‘terracotta warriors’.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
It’s not the innocent visitors to Liverpool’s World Museum, many of whom were children, who need to be monitored and scanned but the torturers and oppressors of China’s regime!

Image: archive.net

It seems the move was suggested by the local cops! Now what on this good earth would they be so concerned about? Details are scarce, a tight lid has been closed which makes us wonder what was going down behind the scenes. What facts are known show that several Chinese government and academic institutions were closely involved with facilitating the exhibition. That it was taking placed in England, for the first time outside off of London suggests that UK authorities such as the Foreign Office would have a key role.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
Did the British government have an agreement with the Chinese regime on excessive security measures surrounding the terracotta army exhibition?

Image: thecommentator

While in the background would be lurking security agencies like MI5. Such monitoring and involvement would have the goal of ensuring matters proceeded without incident or controversy. After all like China’s ‘Panda Diplomacy’ these artifacts are used by the Chinese regime as soft propaganda, exhorting the cultural marvels of an ancient past, for very present political purposes.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
China’s totalitarian state has created a surveillance dominated society that would have given George Orwell nightmares!

Image: asiancorrespondent

Given the appeasement which runs through UK policy towards China there would have been an acute sensitivity surrounding the exhibition, the question is who requested that face-scanners be part of security measures? From what we know Britain has some legal restrictions and protocols on the deployment and operation of such technology, on what basis then did the cops press the museum to employ such an intrusion of personal privacy?

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
Liverpool’s head cop, Andy Cooke needs to answer questions on his forces decision to face-scan visitors to Liverpool’s World Museum

Image: media-planetradio

Did they have confirmed intelligence of a planned protest or criminal action? If so surely an increased police presence would have been an appropriate measure? Was this the result of a confidential accord reached between the UK and Chinese government? Meanwhile we should of course give thought to the use of the bio-metric data which was taken from all those who visited this exhibition. Who had responsibility for it? Was it shared with any other agencies, including the Chinese authorities? Just where is that digital record now?

Whatever dirty politics or anxiety saturated diplomacy may be behind this gross violation of citizens right to privacy, one fact remains the Chinese regime and its technological attack dog, Huwawei have implemented the world’s most oppressive facial-recognition systems against the people of China and indeed in occupied lands such as Tibet and East Turkistan.

Liverpool Museum Extracted Bio-Metric Data From Visitors During China Exhibition
There is no privacy within China, no citizens rights, only mass surveillance, oppression, torture and censorship.

Image: ibtimes

That a supposed liberal democracy like the UK has authorized such surveillance against its own people, in probable collaboration with and appeasement of China’s totalitarian regime is a deeply disturbing development. One that should be thoroughly exposed and challenged!

The Dangerous Love Affair Between The UK Government And Huawei

Image: yahoonews/augmented by @tibettruth

Across the water in a land where its government is often heard to boast of traditions of democracy and human-rights something is very rotten.

This week a Minister of the UK authorities, Gavin Williamson, was summararilly dismissed from his post by Theresa May, the reason you may wonder? Well, there had been a leak of information to the media from a security star chamber called the National Security Council (NSC). This gathering is attended by Ministers, heads of MI6, GCHQ, MI5 and counter-terrorism police, they are all bound by what’s termed the Official Secrets Act. Which is effectively a state gagging order, violation of which is punishable as a crime.

A rapidly assembled inquiry was launched and within a couple of days the Prime Minister had laid responsibility for the disclosure at the door of Mr Williamson. He had it was claimed breached the security protocols and convention of supreme confidentiality under which the NSC operates. What’s more there was talk of him being open to prosecution. As it stands  he continues to vigorously deny such charges and has called for an inquiry into the affair.


What would be revealed if such an investigation was allowed to delve into events which lead to the release of press reports that Theresa May was considering allowing controversial Chinese communications and tech corporation Huawei a contract in constructing a 5G network within the UK?

Image: mobilenews/augmented @tibettruth

In all probability such an examination is not likely as there may well be too many politically sensitive skeletons rattling around, which could prove damagingly embarrassing to the Prime Minister’s government and her Conservative Party. There’s already an indication that the matter is being slammed down with yesterday’s announcement by the Metropolitan Police that the disclosure did not constitute a criminal offence, Nor it was claimed did the information released breach the Official Secrets Act.

The UK political establishment operates a policy of active appeasement towards the Chinese regime. indicated here as the British equivalent of the White House is decorated to celebrate the Spring New Year


I am satisfied that what was disclosed did not contain information that would breach the Official Secrets Act,” said Neil Basu, head of the Met’s specialist operations.  I have considered all the information available to me  and I have taken legal advice. I am satisfied that the disclosure did not amount to a criminal offence either under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) or misconduct in a public office. No crime has been committed  and this is not a matter for the police. (Source: The Guardian 5/4/2019)

John Browne, formerly Lead Non-Executive Director of David Cameron’s Conservative Government, now Chair at Huawei UK

Image: standford.edu

This statement raises an interesting possible legal defense for future whistle-blowers who could argue that its not the action itself which defines if the OSA has been breached but the nature of information. From the government‘s perspective  it does something more important, eliminates the risk of exposure within a court, it also returns complete control to them. Who can now bury this controversy deeply away from what could be dangerous further scrutiny. Before exploring further some interesting connections between the UK government, former Ministers and officials with Huawei  let‘s change the focus.

Andrew Cahn, formerly headed David Cameron’s Conservative Government on UK Trade & Investment. SInce 2011 a Non-Executive Director of Huawei Technologies UK

Image: dailymail

While the UK government struggles to justify it’s reported approval of allowing Huawei to engineer the 5G network across Britain, or reassure its allies that any potential security risk can be contained the Chinese corporation is a key facilitator in the oppression of the Tibetan people. Not that the political establishment in London extends any substantial concern towards the plight of Tibet, especially when engaged in lucrative commercial partnerships with Chinese corporations!

Yet if they bothered to carefully assess the role of Huawei in occupied Tibet they would soon realize that its insistence on being an independent business, not influenced or constrained by China’s regime is palpable nonsense. Like all major corporations within China Huawei is deeply and actively enmeshed with the political machinery of the Chinese state, without the sanction of the authorities it would not exist. It cannot operate without the approval of Xi Jinping and his regime. We are not though talking of a  well intentioned company that happens to be under the control of China’s totalitarian tyranny, Huawei is an engaged player, fully subscribed to the extreme political ideology which aims to expand Chinese political, military and national interests.

John Suffolk, formerly Chief Information Officer for David Cameron’s Conservative Government. Now Senior Vice President and the Global Cyber Security & Privacy Officer for Huawei

Image: desibelajans

This is shown by its suffocating presence in Tibet where it has been constructing a range of communication and security networks, the purpose of which is to monitor Tibetans, intruding into every aspect of their daily living. Establishing an extensive CCTV coverage, creating facial recognition systems and security barriers at Tibetan monasteries and other public locations. Working in collusion with other Chinese communication providers  it has engineered a surveillance network which monitors social-media and telephone systems to identity any dissent against China’s regime.


In this regard it is partnering in the repressive assault against Tibetan cultural and national identity, a collaboration which should be of serious concern to governments, including of that of the United Kingdom, which claim to place the highest value upon human rights and freedoms. Yet  it‘s interest is directed towards strengthening ties with Huawei, even to the extent of jeopardizing security alliances with the USA and other countries.

The prospect of trade and the significant profits which flow from collaborating with the Chinese technology giant are presented as being in the interest of the nation, enabling economic and performance benefits fron the latest network platform. Such claims, of course, are open to debate and should be measured against handing over control of communications infrastructure to an arm of the Chinese state.

Facial recognition systems are being rolled out across China and occupied lands such as Tibet and East Turkistan.


While the advantages of 5G are promoted as offering a digital revolution such technology also affords a totalitarian state  disturbing levels of increased social control and surveillance. That is already happening within China, facilitated by Huawei, while there are now three 5G base-stations operating inside occupied Tibet. One, at the Lhasa Post and Telecommunications School, the other two are installed at the office of the Tibet Post Group in Lhasa, and in China Mobile’s Tibet branch building.

Image: archivenet

It‘s said that power corrupts, in reality it probably reveals an inherent capacity for venality, is such self-interest at the heart of this controversy? Have prominent figures linked to the UK Government and Conservative Party profited from Huawei? Was it coincidental that fairly senior people associated with former Prime Minister David Cameron’s administration were offered and accepted prominent executive positions onto the board of Huawei UK? Clearly finance has dominated the scene since Huawei promised in 2012 that it would be investing £1.3 billion in the British economy.!

Whatever the facts, which look set to be confined indefinitely to the archives, in defending its partnership with Huawei and risking the integrity of its communications network and national security the UK authorities are collaborating with a corporation which is enabling the violent oppression and 24/7 surveillance of the Tibetan people!