The Big-Brother Command Center Which Coordinates Tyranny Over Tibet

The Big-Brother Command Center Which Coordinates Tyranny Over Tibet

Image: @tibettruth

Having placed Tibet under a suffocating military occupation since invading in 1950, with every village and town swarming with Chinese paramilitary, China’s regime has more recently completed its totalitarian grip on the Tibetan people through the implementation of CCTV surveillance, bio-metric identity cards and facial recognition systems. This high-tech tyranny has been rolled out across occupied Tibet ensuring instant monitoring and assessment of almost every aspect of daily activity, Tibetans are existing under a digital terrorism. One that has the objective of eradicating Tibetan national and cultural identity.

The Big-Brother Command Center Which Coordinates Tyranny Over Tibet

Image: @tibettruth

The Chinese regime is central to the administration, funding and expansion of this oppressive and intrusive system. To ensure ideological compliance and coordination of its cultural genocide against Tibetans it has launched a ‘Big Brother’ command center that links to operation rooms in various regions of Tibet. Titled the ‘National Security Command of the Tibet Autonomous Region (sic)’ this week it held an online conference session to “Fully promote the implementation of various stability maintenance measures in place, resolutely win and complete the “final war” of stability maintenance at the end of the year”.  The latest dictates issued to its communist party zealots for implementation against the Tibetan people.

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