China’s Regime Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of World’s Largest Prison

Graphic via @tibettruth

The insanity, paranoia and desperation, which has been at the very core of the Chinese Regime since it came to power, continues to blight the citizens of China and territories invaded and occupied by China, such as Tibet, East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia. With financial instability undermining the economy and raising the dreaded prospect of social unrest and popular uprising the tyrants of the Communist Party Of China (CCP) resort to their tried and tested solution to such political and economic vulnerabilities, increased oppression and censorship. At the time of writing Chinese journalists are being jailed for publishing reasonable critiques of the meltdown of China’s stock-markets, seems their articles and subsequent rumors are to blame for the downward spiral of an economy undergoing transition from manufacturing towards a service-based model. The internet too is being targeted for any subversive posts which the Regime are blaming for inciting disharmony, so the censorship police are out in force, cell-phones monitored, social media sites covertly patrolled, and the invisible army of informers are on active duty. Meanwhile if it’s not those pesky journalists who are responsible for market chaos it’s the supposedly nefarious activities of the Dalai Lama, who has been reported by a number of Chinese sources as being linked to the economic crash.

Amid the flood of such volatile currents the perverse burlesque  of official propaganda continues as the CCP celebrates today the establishment of the so-called ‘Tibet Autonomous Region’. It is but one of the many ‘big lies’ that China’s government is forced by its own delusion and desperation to maintain, as it knows that in truth its power and position springs not from the will or choice of its citizens (or those peoples whose lands and national freedom it has stolen) but is forged from imposing a merciless and bloody control. Such ‘governance’ like its efforts to manipulate and stem the financial crisis cannot be sustained and its terrorism and corruption are sowing its inevitable downfall, that is a celebration all suffering under the grip of the CCP look forward to!

Tibetan Woman Dies Following Self-Immolation Protest In Amdo Region Of Tibet

Confirmed reports that Ms Tashi Kyi aged 55 has died following her self-immolation protest against Chinese rule in occupied Tibet. Her action took place late on Thursday in Sankhog township in Sangchu, Amdo region.

According to the Tibetan online journal Phayul:

“Chinese police arrived this morning at her home and forcibly took her body away despite Tibetans’ appeal to let the family perform the last rites”.

Runggye Adak Released Yet His Protest Continues To Be Censored By Tibet Support Groups

Image: phayul

Runggye Adak a prominent Tibetan political prisoner, arrested on August 1st 2007 has according to reports from Tibet been released, a development greatly welcomed by all supporting human rights and justice. His case has received international attention and any internet search of his name reveals the extent of coverage and various supportive actions. Indeed Runggye became something of a cause célèbre for Tibet support groups.

It is less well known that from the day of his arrest the courageous action of this Tibetan hero was deliberately misrepresented by organizations supposedly dedicated to the Tibetan cause. So was set in motion a partial and selective truth. Indeed Runggye Adak’s protest was about the return of the Dalai Lama and Panchen Lama a call for Tibetan unity along with environmental issues. However groups such as the International Campaign For Tibet chose not to inform the wider Tibetan movement that Runggye had on that day demanded Tibet’s rightful independence. Yet that fact was reported at the time by the Tibetan Center For Human Rights and Democracy, Link Phayul Link and Dossier Tibet Link all respected sources on Tibet.

Image: file photo

So why the omission? Well before anyone cites administrative oversight it may prove instructive for readers to be aware that Tibetan independence is a taboo for the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) and its ‘support group’ friends. So it’s not too difficult to calculate why the demands made by a very brave Tibetan were censored. Despite these being carefully reported and confirmed by the previously mentioned Tibetan news sources, many Tibet support groups erased Runggye’s call for an independent Tibet from their reportage. A video of his protest was also released although whether due to happy coincidence or judicious editing absent from the footage is any reference of Tibet’s independence!

Even as news of his release was announced the International Tibet Support Network, via a website ‘Free Tibetan Heroes‘ while expressing its joy at the news repeated the censored version of his protest.

“When on stage Runggye Adak boldly grabbed the microphone and addressed a crowd of several thousand Tibetans who had gathered for the annual festival. He said: “If we cannot invite the Dalai Lama home, we will not have freedom of religion and happiness in Tibet.” adding that “Eye-witnesses also say that Runggye Adak’s speech called for local Tibetans to stop fighting among themselves about land and water issues..” Source

We salute Runggye Adak’s incredible courage and patriotism, what he has endured is beyond the darkest of nightmares. We respect too and applaud his just demands for an independent Tibet an action that has cost him dearly. Given his sacrifices, the torture and degree of misery he has experienced there many who will  such censorship as a despicable act. That so many folks across the Tibetan scene chose to betray his actions by promoting a falsehood engineered in the safe and comfortable offices of the Central Tibetan Administration, International Campaign For Tibet and International Tibet Support Network is deeply disappointing.

As noted August 6th 2014 by our Facebook page:

Dear Tibetans how would you feel if in occupied Tibet you had decided to protest at a public festival to call for the return of Kundun, to urge unity among Tibetans and to declare support for Tibetan independence ONLY to learn while you are in prison being tortured by the,psychopaths of China’s regime that, in exile, Tibetan organizations were reporting your action BUT had censored any mention of your supportive call for Tibetan independence! That is precisely what happened in the case of Rongay A’drak!

Tibetan Monk Self-Immolates In Kham Region Of Tibet

Reports today of another Tibetan self-immolation in protest against China’s illegal and violent occupation of Tibet. According to account around 4 Pm local time a Tibetan monk engulfed himself in flame in downtown Kyegudo, a town in Tibet’s Kham region.

Photo via Lobsang Jinpa

UPDATE July 10

Confirmed information that this latest Tibetan to sacrifice their life to oppose and expose the tyranny of Chinese rule in Tibet was named Mr Sonam Tobgyal, aged 26.


China Is Not Fit To Host The 2019 World Dog Show

Chinese citizens and local officials clubbing a Tibetan mastiff

Chinese citizens and local officials clubbing a Tibetan mastiff

Image: archivenet

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) in choosing China to host the 2019 World Dog Show (WDS) is using the failed and cynical argument of ‘constructive engagement’ with China, claiming locating the WDS there will result in moderation, progress and awareness. Similar ‘justifications’ were employed by the US State Department and Presidential Administrations in support of granting China ‘Most Favored Nation Status’. The International Olympic Committee (IOC), in selecting Beijing as host for the 2008 Olympics, responded to international concerns by claiming that awarding China the Games would encourage improvements in human rights, while uncritically accepting the hollow assurances of the Chinese Regime to respect such rights and principles. A circus of duplicity and hypocrisy currently being replayed as the IOC considers China to be the venue for the 2022 Winter Olympics!

Decades of so-called constructive engagement with China, oiled by the allure of a powerful Chinese economy, has dominated US policy on China, to the exclusion of any meaningful action in terms of human rights, and issues such as Tibet . The resultant compromises has produced a largely ineffectual and vacillating strategy, that at one time issues platitudes on human rights and freedom, while simultaneously appeasing the Chinese regime to maintain and secure economic interests. Meanwhile such contact and cooperation has spectacularly failed to end or meaningfully reduce the torture, close forced labor camps, or halt the campaigns of mass forced sterilizations. Nor has collaborating with China’s authorities moderated the vicious tyranny against the peoples of Tibet, East Turkistan and Southern Mongolia, who are victims of a cultural genocide. In light of such realities the assertions of the FCI justifying China as host for the WDS reveal a disturbing naivety and gullibility.

Of all nations China is the least suitable country to serve as host the World Dog Show, its totalitarian Regime is guilty of a horrendous range of human rights atrocities, censorship and propaganda dominate Chinese society. Free speech is brutally suppressed and the people of China are denied political, civil and religious freedoms. Given this record how can anyone of integrity and normal intelligence begin to accept any claims issued by the Chinese authorities regarding the ‘Yulin Dog Meat Festival’ and the general abuse which dogs across China suffer.