It’s Cultural Extermination, Not Development In Tibet!

Another Socialist Nightmare Awaits Tibet's Nomads

Another Socialist Nightmare Awaits Tibet’s Nomads


Information received from inside Tibet and verified by interviews with Tibetans in exile reveals that China’s regime is implementing policies that are designed to create a wholly dependent and thus subservient Tibetan population. Given that the majority of Tibet’s people were of either a full or partly nomadic culture it is that group which faces the full force of such policies, although farmers too are feeling the impact.

The agenda operating may from the outside appear as altruistic, it is certainly promoted as such by China’s regime, replacing traditional lifestyles with the benefits of modernity, improved agriculture, housing settlements, transport links, greater availability of consumer goods. If we are to believe the official propaganda why Tibetans are experiencing a paradise, guided and funded by sensitive and respectful authority. Hmmmm.

The truth however is very different, what development that is taking place benefits mostly China’s regime and Chinese corporations; through the exploitation of natural resources and the countless Chinese settlers who now dominate businesses and services in Tibet. With huge profit to be made Tibetans are being further marginalized and exploited, additionally they are being ordered into socialist ‘villages’ such as the charming example below, where they will be ‘cared’ for the tyrannical authorities of the communist party of China!

Concentration 'Settlements' For Tibetans

Concentration ‘Settlements’ For Tibetans


Meanwhile Tibetans are being driven at gunpoint off their lands, forced into what are effectively concentration camps, their livestock confiscated and facing a wretched existence where they become dependent having to buy fuel and food. A reported 2 million Tibetans will over the next few years be relocated to such misery, their freedom of movement and independent lifestyles ended, a culture that stretches back to antiquity executed by order of the Chinese regime.

Stripped of their independence how many more years has this traditional lifestyle under the tyranny of China's regime?

Stripped of their independence how many more years can Tibetans retain this traditional lifestyle under the tyranny of China’s regime?


Any resource or way-of-life that enables Tibetans to preserve their national identity or sense of independence is being targeted, one account received details how Yaks are being systematically confiscated and slaughtered. This animal is critical to the nomads and farmers of Tibet, enabling ploughing, transport, the female Dri proving milk for yoghurt and butter, its fur used to make tent material and ropes. Now increasing numbers of Tibetan villages are empty of yaks, replaced by tractors, rented or paid for with loans to Chinese controlled banks or money lenders, fuel sold via Chinese run gas stores. During the severe winters Tibetans now increasingly are warmed not by the dried dung from yaks, but are reliant upon oil, which of course needs to be paid for, that further binds Tibetans to the economic infrastructure of their colonial tyrants.

Is this the inevitable future of the Tibetan yak? It's fur died white to carry Chinese tourists into the sacred lake of Yamdrok Tso?

A sight that looks set to become rarer as China forces Tibetans off their lands


So beware reports, so uncritically repeated by mainstream media of China’s claimed investments into truncated regions of Tibet such as the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region, such accounts are carefully constructed deceptions that seek to mislead and distract attention away from the odious reality which Tibet’s people endure under the iron-fist of the Chinese authorities.

With appreciation to Human Rights Watch for their excellent and must read report on this issue PDF Here albeit its disappointing use in the title of a phrase (Tibetan areas in China) engineered by China’s regime to assert the lie that Tibet is not independent nor rightfully possessed of that status.

Tourism Is Killing The Buddha In Occupied Tibet


This disturbing image encapsulates the plight of Tibetans as a colonized people, it also reflects how Chinese people have been indoctrinated into seeing the people of Tibet and its Buddhist culture as an exotic and exploitable curiosity. Tourism to occupied Tibet is a fundamental and prized economic component of China’s strategy that seeks to assimilate, marginalize and eventually eradicate Tibetan national identity. There exists too an inherent racism that regards Tibet’s people as ‘inferior’, its culture strange and backward, little wonder then that these Chinese tourists show a contemptible disregard for this Tibetan prostrating here in respect of and devotion to Buddha.

There is a cynical and politically motivated effort by China’s regime to reduce Tibetan Buddhism to the role of a tourist attraction, utterly controlled and reshaped to provide a colorful form of entertainment, a photo-opportunity, proof indeed of that trip to Lhasa! Meanwhile as camcorders record such ersatz Buddhism and countless ‘selfies’ are taken at Tibetan Buddhist centers, in monasteries across Tibet the teachings of Buddha are being violently repressed. China’s tyranny over Tibet is most keenly observed by the transformation of monasteries as places of Buddhist study and practice into detention centers, every aspect of their administration and daily activity is under the scrutiny and interference of Chinese officials. Paramilitary forces often based nearby, checkpoints, barbed-wire and machine guns enforce the twisted dictates of the Chinese authorities.

Such a dark reality is of course kept far from the gaze of tourists, who are permitted only to experience the shallow, distorted and utterly deceptive Chinese state-approved version of Tibet. To gain a more informed insight we need to listen to the voice of Tibetans, which is why we reproduce below and account from Theurang, which appeared on the Facebook account ‘Tibet For Tibetans’

“During the summer, my homeland is filled with swarms of Chinese tourists. The rush of tourists means that elderly Tibetans are having difficulties circumambulating the monasteries. Covering their heads in robes, monks and nuns stand by gaping at the tourists in silence. When I see these images, when I think about them, I suffer from intense pain and despair. Anger and resentment boil in my heart. Today, under the crushing boots of foreigners, my homeland is suffering from degeneration and decay. Like swarms of ants unleashed by anthills, these increasing number of tourists are making preparations to settle themselves permanently on our lands. What makes me laugh and cry at the same time is to witness the smiling faces of the Tibetan masses lured by hard cash.

Even the leaders of the nomadic villages have signed contracts to sell their lands. In the next two to three years, these visitors who call themselves tourists will settle permanently on our lands. When tourist vehicles arrive, ruddy-faced Tibetan women and snot-nosed Tibetan boys rush into action with their horses. Holding their breath, desperation in their eyes, they carry Chinese tourists on their horses and walk up the mountains. Holding fifty-Yuan notes in their hands, smiles written all over their faces, they kill their time waiting for the arrival of other tourists. When I see them, I wonder how a race that once conquered two-thirds of the world’s territory has now been turned into a bunch of soul-less slaves serving other people. My dear fellow-countrymen, if we cannot paint the bones of our ancestors in gold, the least we could do is not to throw their gray hair in the wind. Tourists visiting from surrounding areas carry cameras of different sizes in their hands.

Crowds of monks, elderly folks and ‘servicemen’ bearing horses gape at the tourists when the latter take pictures of nomadic villages and rivers. One of the tourists pointed his camera at the strange-looking eyes of these Tibetans and took their pictures. When I saw this, I wondered: ‘When the tourist returns to his place, where would he advertize this picture and what sort of caption would he give it?’ These thoughts gave me intense pain and despair. Why do these tourists point their cameras on the faces of elderly Tibetans and take their pictures? Do these tourists not have a sense of ethics and morality? If we turn around and point the camera on their faces and take their pictures, wouldn’t they run away from us saying we are violating their rights? The fact that they keep taking pictures of our people, our mountains and our villages—despite knowing that such actions are unethical, immoral and illegal—clearly shows what kind of status our people enjoy.

They treat us like animals lacking the ability of speech. They treat us as wage laborers who could be swayed in any direction by the lure of hard cash. They treat us as a race of ignorant barbarians. My dear fellow countrymen, as the saying goes, if sons fail to inherit the legacy of forefathers or if the thread fails to inherit the legacy of needles, others would keep trampling on our heads. What would happen if you visit a Chinese city and randomly point your camera on the face of a Chinese and take his picture? What consequences would you have to bear if you selfishly take pictures of homes, belongings and other precious objects of a city? How would the whip of laws chase you away if you trample upon the rights and liberties of people living in a city? Why can’t the standards of law and ethics of the cities be applied equally in our nomadic grasslands? Why can’t camera-holding tourists riding in cars and masses on horses enjoy equal status if human rights have a universal resonance? Like in the cities, why can’t we put up signboards in nomadic grasslands declaring, ‘Taking pictures, peeing and spitting are strictly prohibited here!”


A Ticket To Tibet Set To Further Erode Tibetan Culture

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the opening of a second railway link within occupied Tibet which will enable Chinese troops to be rapidly dispatched close to Sikkim on the Indian border.

The 253 kilometer route connects Lhasa with Shigatse, which is Tibet’s second largest city, raising understandable concerns of further colonization from China, eroding and marginalizing Tibetan culture, along with introducing environmental pressures.

China’s Regime Fooling Western Media Over One-Child Policy

One of the great fictions subscribed to by a number of prominent Tibet related organizations is that Tibetans are exempt from the atrocities generated by China’s notorious birth-control program. Such groups form this conclusion based upon the official declarations of the Chinese regime, interviews with a handful of Tibetans or the claims of anthropologists whose career interests require a pro-China line!

Curiously such credulity towards an authority expert in deception and propaganda does not extend to other human rights issues. Seems there’s a disconnect at work, with salaried lobbyists simultaneously rejecting China’s claims that Tibetans are not subject to human rights abuses, yet willing to accept without critique assertions from the Chinese government that the grim excesses of China’s one-child policy, including forced sterilizations, are not applied in occupied Tibet!

There exists however a considerable body of detailed information, testimony and witnessed accounts that reveals Tibetans have indeed suffered such abuses and continue to do so. Moreover statements from a number of Chinese officials have over the years conceded such a reality, the most recent was featured in a report by Zee News, an Indian based news-site.

Sadly mainstream media has a tendency to repeat as factual the official pretensions served up by China’s regime, a habit much to the delight of the Ministry Of Disinformation in Beijing which uses such gullibility to spread various propaganda aimed at diluting and deflecting international concern on any range of human rights issues. Meanwhile of course the violations continue, as women in China who suffer forced sterilizations would testify.

The Zee News report however, while displaying a naivete of breathtaking proportions, reported a concession from  Yang Wenzhuang that Tibet and East Turkestan had not yet relaxed the regulations pertaining to the one-child policy, now the propaganda line is that so-called ethnic minorities were exempt from such restrictions. Yet here we have a leading Minister in China’s Family Planning Commission acknowledging without qualification that these occupied territories have indeed been subject to such regulation!

Taking Activism On Tibet Into The Heart of China


We are very excited to announce a major new breakthrough in our activism for Tibet, human rights, justice and freedom, a project that enables direct outreach to folks inside China! This development offers a vitally important opportunity to share information with Chinese people about the situation inside occupied Tibet while challenging the deceptions and propaganda of China’s regime.

Naturally we are not able to offer details as this Blog attracts the attention of those in service of the Chinese government, however we can declare that due to the expertise of very supportive activists a very effective and powerful method enables us to bypass the censorship and internet filters imposed by China’s authorities.

We wish to congratulate and express our sincere thanks to those who know who they are for their many months of work on this, it’s a remarkable development.

CTA Embarks On Campaign Promoting The Demise Of Tibetan Nationhood

Image:eluniversal adapted by @tibettruth

The Central Tibetan Administration, formerly known as the Tibetan Government In Exile, has announced Sunday July 20th that it is embarking an indoctrination campaign to convince Tibetan settlements across India of the merits of its utterly failed and politically suicidal solution for Tibet (Middle Way Approach).

This envisages and has as an objective of improvements on Tibetan autonomy under present national and regional laws as defined and enforced by the Chinese regime. It runs counter to the political struggle waged by Tibetans inside occupied Tibet, who have for decades resisted the illegal and violent occupation of their land and throughout have demanded independence for Tibet. That central political aspiration remains, yet Doctor Lobsang Sangay is evasive and callously dismissive of Tibetan nationhood and the legitimate objective of Tibet’s people by insisting that he is seeking not even basic democratic rights for Tibetans but only the application of current legislation on autonomy for ‘minorities’ from China’s authorities. See HERE

A few keywords come to mind here; betrayal, surrender, appeasement and insanity, while we would ask Doctor Sangay and his colleagues if they are willing to exchange their somewhat comfortable lives in exile for the questionable benefits of a life as a citizen of China under the tender mercies of the Communist Party of China?

International Cyclists Taken For A Propaganda Ride By China’s Regime

Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling team winners of a propaganda cycling event in Amdo Region of occupied Tibet

Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling team winners of a propaganda cycling event in Amdo Region of occupied Tibet

Image: amore & vita-selle smp/facebook

Is the quest for sporting glory and achievement possessed of sufficient honor and integrity to absolve an individual from having any accountability to principles of human rights and the values of freedom?

It’s a question we are placing before Mr Mattia Gavazzi and the cycling team of Amore and Vita-Selle Smp who this month took part in a cycling event in so-called Qinghai Province, China, which in reality is formed mostly of Amdo Region in occupied Tibet.

We are appealing to Mattia Gavazzi and his cycling colleagues to reassess their participation in that race, and would advise that while he may gain success and elation cycling in what is a propaganda event authorized and backed by the Chinese regime, the Tibetan people continuously suffer the most appalling oppression and injustice.

We request  Amore and Vita-Selle Smp to show solidarity with Tibet, human rights and freedom for people and reconsider any future involvement in this event. Surely this Ukrainian linked cycling team is aware of the freedom struggle to realize Ukraine’s nationhood? How would it have felt towards a race being held, organized and endorsed by the Soviet Regime in which Ukraine was described as being within Russia, while away from the cameras people were being oppressed and tortured?!

Anyone wishing to express their support on this appeal may contact Amore and Vita-Selle Smp via: