Tibet Sky-The Greatest Cinematic Lie Ever Told


Not since Leni Riefenstahl lovingly fashioned ‘Triumph Of The Will’, her propaganda celebration of Nazi-Germany https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_of_the_Will or the film board of apartheid South Africa encouraged documentaries of the supposedly content black populations of the townships, has the world-of-film witnessed such a disturbing glorification and endorsement of tyranny.

Yet a new film from China ‘Tibet Sky’, reportedly to feature at the Salento International Film Festival in Italy this June and the Montreal International Film Festival during August, looks set to be inducted into that hall of cinematic infamy. Produced by Ren Zhonglun, the Shanghai Film Corporation and with the backing of the Chinese Regime, the movie takes disinformation on Tibet to even greater depths of duplicity, inaccuracy and fabrication. More information HERE


Although masked by a superficial narrative relating to the personal journeys of two Tibetan characters the objective of this master-class in propaganda is clear, to peddle the state approved mythology, as engineered by the Chinese authorities, that Tibet was liberated from feudal bondage and has since enjoyed a renaissance of unbound joy and prosperity. This obsequious propaganda, sanctioned with the approval of a totalitarian regime that inflicts such suffering upon the people of Tibet will surely cause great concern to all those who value human rights, liberty and justice.

Meanwhile is it too fanciful to hope that within the film world integrity and a commitment to human rights will prevail and that this nauseating whitewash of China’s genocidal assault upon Tibet will not be supported or promoted? Sure we know that Hollywood is seeking big dollars and expansion by various collaborations with China, money talks and usually says ‘screw principle’ however it is important to expose and challenge this latest effort by China’s Regime to conceal the harrowing reality of its invasion and illegal occupation of Tibet.

To that end we appeal to the Salento International Film Festival and the Montreal International Film Festival to express solidarity with the Tibetan people and principles of human rights and freedom and withdraw any plans to screen ‘Tibet Sky’.

Anyone wishing to support that petition is invited to do via Twitter, Facebook or email

Serge Losique, President
Montreal International Film Festival

Email: info@ffm-montreal.org

Twitter: @FFMMontreal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FFMMontreal

Luigi Campanile – Executive Director
Salento International Film Festival

Email: salento.cinema@thinkitalian.org


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Salento-International-FILM-Festival/120619264658485


Tibetan In Kham Sacrifices His Life For Tibet

April 15 a report via Tibetan exile source informed the Voice Of America that a 32 year-old Tibetan, named as Mr. Thinley Namgyal today self-immolated in Tawo, Kham region of East Tibet. He died within a short time ofengulfing himself in flames, a sacrifice which no doubt was protesting against China’s vicious and illegal occupation of Tibet.

Thinley Namgyal Offered Up His Life For Tibet

Thinley Namgyal Offered Up His Life For Tibet


On this occasion, due to the remoteness of the location, the body was taken to a nearby monastery and eventually returned to the family home, usually China’s paramilitary confiscate the remains of Tibetans who self-immolate and refuse relatives the comfort of conducting Buddhist ritual for the deceased. There have been a number of self-immolations in the area resulting in further tyranny from Chinese paramilitary thugs.


One Right To Rule Them All


When the United Nations commemorates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), signed in Paris December 10, 1948, it should reflect that the Tibetan people have since 1950 endured a series of violations which are in gross contravention of the principles, commitments and freedoms enshrined in the UDHR.

Moreover it should acknowledge that Tibetans constitute a distinct people;
who enjoyed at the least de jure independence, having their own government, treaties with others states, currency, language and culture, and therefore possess the right to self-determination, a fact reflected in UN Resolution 1723. However in light of Tibet’s history of sovereignty there is a powerful case that argues in favor of Tibetan statehood and independence.

Tibetans in Tibet and in exile should take careful note that while individual human rights are of extreme importance, the collective Tibetan right to, at the very minimum, self-determination remains a critical and irreplaceable truth.

Furthermore it is vital that all Tibetans understand that the present policy of the exiled Central Tibetan Administration to accept Chinese rule on the basis of improved autonomy, if realized, would effectively relinquish any Tibetan right to self-determination.

Within the reasoning of the UN and international law human rights are individual in terms of definition and principle, so violations are addressed within the context of of a dominant government exerting political, civil, and territorial control over a people. The UN considers such an authority as ultimately responsible for human rights.

In consideration of that, while of immense value in terms of securing individual freedoms, or as a check against abuse, they do not protect a collective people against the expansionist oppression and cultural genocide which China wages against Tibet.

There is only only one right which Tibetans currently have that can, if realized, offer such protection, the Tibetan people’s right to self-determination, which could permit a plebiscite to determine the common political aspirations of Tibet’s people. The result of such a referendum would inevitably call for an end to Chinese rule and the restoration of Tibet’s rightful independence.

Is This The Voice Of America Or China?


Getting increasingly pissed at Voice Of America and its VOA Tibetan Service which consistently feature maps that may as well have been drafted by the propaganda department of China’s regime! When Tibetan national and cultural identity is facing a steady erosion due to China’s colonization of Tibet just what are organizations, which are seemingly sympathetic and supportive of Tibet’s cause doing promoting the cynical fictions engineered in Beijing’s laboratory of disinformation?

The answer may well be found in understanding that VOA is an extension of, and more importantly funded by, Federal Government, the State Department of which is no friend of Tibetan independence. Indeed their policy on China, summed up in one word, ‘appeasement’  is driven by trade and other economic considerations, after all guess which totalitarian country is bankrolling the United States!

So the suits over at 2201 C Street NW Washington, DC get the jitters on the mention of Tibet, especially regarding the issue of its status, Tibetan independence is a very dirty expression to John Kerry’s advisors. For decades the position has been to avoid entirely any reference to the historic and legal factors that support Tibet’s sovereignty and to focus instead on issues of human or cultural rights. The State Department has welcomed (and who knows may have been a consulting architect) the exiled Tibetan Administration’s  ‘Middle Way Policy’ as that concedes Chinese territorial claims over Tibet. In advocating that and calling for dialog between the Dalai Lama and China on a resolution of the Tibetan issue, the DC diplomats are being duplicitous and evading entirely the reality that Tibetans inside Tibet are struggling to demand their national independence.

So to placate the sensitivities of the Chinese Regime concerning Tibet and maintain the lucrative commercial relations between the US and China every effort is made to reassure the tyrants of Beijing that the Government of the US does not in any way regard Tibet as separate from China. Which brings us back to the reportage of the Voice Of America and its Tibetan Service.

Given this somewhat cynical and corrupted context is it any wonder that when reporting on Tibet or Tibetan protests that VOA features maps that show only the so-called ‘Tibet Autonomous Region’ and endorse China’s claims that other Tibetan regions are part of Chinese Provinces!


It is censorship of the most perfidious kind, a gross hypocrisy by an organization that declares itself a voice for freedom of speech,and human rights, yet operates an editorial policy that misrepresents the facts in order to conform to the dictates of a State Department which must be suffering from sciatica given the amount of kow-towing it does to China’s regime.

Evil Queen Approves Our Makeover

She Loves The New Design!

She Loves The New Design!


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