Tibetan Self-Immolates In Tawu, Kham Region Of Tibet

Tenzin Gyatso Self-Immolated Against China's Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

Tenzin Gyatso Self-Immolated Against China’s Brutal Occupation Of Tibet

Image: via Tibet Times

Breaking reports of another self-immolation this time in Tawu, Kham region of Eastern Tibet. According to the Tibet Times about 8.00 pm local Tibetan time today Mr Tenzin Gyatso said to be aged 35, and a father of four children, engulfed himself in flame to demonstrate against China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet. The oppression is ceaseless and Tenzin’s town of Tawu has recently been placed under a military lock-down with Tibetans under a suffocating degree of control. At the time of writing his condition remains unclear.

Anonymous Strike Against Detention Of Tibet’s Genuine Panchen Lama

Image: posted on Twitter by @anonriddler

On April 25, 2015 Gedhun Choekyi Nyima reached his twenty-sixth birthday. He disappeared on May 17,1995, only few days after he was officially recognized as Tibet’s second most prominent religious figure, the 11th Panchen Lama. Neither he or his family have been seen since.

This gross injustice has attracted international concern and we have seen on Twitter a number of statements from Anonymous hacktivists declaring an intent to take action against China’s regime.

Thanks to @AnonymousTibet for the heads-up on this, and to @anonriddler for sharing a link to the image above, posted in solidarity for Tibet’s most high profile political prisoner.

Your Support Needed At Glastonbury Festival

Blue skies and the promise of Summer sunshine are back, along with music festivals, none of course bigger than England’s Glastonbury, which attracts an amazing range of musicians and artists. The idyllic countryside surrounding that English town are transformed into a tented city for over a hundred thousand folks, it is the biggest celebration on the planet, until that is Tibet regains its independence :)

Over the past few years we have been raising the issue of Tibet at the festival and with amazing support of friends in the United Kingdom will be running another Tibet action at Glastonbury. There’s a particular buzz this year as it’s being reported that the Dalai Lama may well be an honored guest! So, working with our Twitter colleagues @tibettruth we hope to repeat the success of last year, during which in a totally fun and positive way we made sure that Tibet, its flag and struggle was not forgotten.

If you are going to Glastonbury Festival, or know someone who is, and wish to help then do tweet our colleagues @tibettruth

Stay tuned good people :)

Doctor Sangay Is Flogging A Dead Yak!

Doctor Lobsang Sangay, the ‘Political Leader’ of the Central Tibetan Administration (formerly known as the Exiled Tibetan Government) has been busy again issuing declarations of appeasement in an effort to promote a ‘solution’ to the issue of Tibet, despite such overtures being consistently rejected by the Chinese authorities. Addressing a largely Chinese gathering in Washington DC he stated:

“The middle-way approach seeks for a genuine autonomy for the Tibetan people within the framework of the Chinese constitution. The Chinese government always alleges that Tibetans aim to split the nation, which is why we have taken into consideration not to challenge the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China,”. Source: Zee News May 15, 2015

This remark is wrong on so many levels, not least its cold betrayal of the struggle waged by Tibetans inside Tibet, who unlike Mr Sangay seek a re-establishment of Tibet’s rightful independence.  His comment also repeats and appeases a cynical fiction long peddled by the Chinese regime, let’s break that down.

Tibetans are not seeking to split China, why so? Well the cause waged by the Tibetan people has as its objective what in truth would be the restoration of a national freedom that previously was enjoyed by Tibetans living within the three regions of Tibet, prior to the invasion of 1950 and subsequent military occupation. This is not semantic argument but a political truth. Within international law Tibet has a very strong argument indeed to justify its definition as an independent nation under illegal occupation.

The latest appeasement from Doctor Sangay is a dangerous sellout of that fact, endorsing as it does an engineered falsehood that Tibet is an inalienable part of China. Such treacherous compromises are not advancing the cause of Tibet, nor realizing progress on what have been fruitless discussions with a Chinese regime that demands total capitulation!

Update Twitter Restores @tibettruth Account

graphic from @tibettruth

Twitter has emailed us and confirmed that our Twitter account is now restored, seems it was an error caused by their automated system

“Twitter has automated systems that find and remove automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake. Your account is now unlocked, sorry for the inconvenience.”




China Needs To Edit DNA Of Its Diseased Regime!

Image: archivenet

With today’s announcement that a Chinese team of research biologists has edited the DNA of an embryo with a view to screening out a gene thought responsible for a blood disease the possibilities of genetic manipulation seem without limit. Are we so far from designed babies, guaranteed free from  disease or physical ‘disability’? A scary future awaits, one that may be glimpsed at in the pages of science fiction. Despite the horrific prospect of commercials promoting genetic alteration services, or clone agencies providing cheap-labor perhaps bio-science can one day reveal if genes are a determinant influence upon a person’s psychology?

What opportunities that raises as biologists edit DNA to ensure that babies are born who will not develop into narcissistic tyrants, psychopathic torturers and killers or sociopaths, Given the genocidal record of China’s communist regime and the misery, destruction and death it has inflicted (and continues doing so) upon untold millions perhaps Chinese bio-research should focus upon creating a new generation of politicians who are by design incapable of such tyranny! That would be some brave new world.