Lobby Your Senator For Tibetan Independence


The courageous resistance of Tibetans to China’s tyranny continues, across Tibet protests, collective and individual are demanding a rightful independence for Tibet. Beyond the borders of that blighted land in the leafy location of C Street NW Washington DC, the State Department, continues to bury Tibet as an international issue, content to consign its people to a dangerous future as a ‘minority’ under China’s bloody maw. No matter the cynical motives and actions of America’s foreign policy mandarins, Tibetans continue to struggle for their nation’s freedom. We can support their sacrifices and objective by calling upon the Administration and Senate to recognize the political aspirations of the Tibetan people. Help us to ensure that the Tibetan people’s demand for an independent Tibet is heard by your Senator, Secretary-of-State, John Kerry and President Obama.


1) Please email your Senator and request them to present the following, as a written question, to Secretary-of-State. John Kerry:

Will the Secretary-of-State acknowledge that Tibetans inside Tibet, in their ongoing resistance to Chinese occupation, are demanding independence for Tibet?

Ask your Senator to provide you with a copy of their correspondence, and any reply from the Secretary-of-State.

2) Give your Senator the facts by adding this link to your email

Inform them that the pamphlet on independent Tibet provides clear evidence of Tibet’s former independence

Email/contact details of your Senator may be easily found here: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

Tasty Tibetan Soup Recipe For Losar (New Year)

Wood Sheep New Year Feb 20Image:archivenet

Due to the ongoing repression inside occupied Tibet some within the exiled Tibetan community will for a few days following February 19 have a muted celebration of this year’s ‘Losar’ (Tibetan New Year). Hard to be merry with recent reports documenting a range of abuse and killings, show-trials illegally sentencing Tibetans, while China’s paramilitary forces placing regions, towns and monasteries under siege. So in exile instead of the usual celebration, music, dancing and delicious feasts that celebrate this festival, many will spend the time in a more sombre mood, reflecting upon the plight of their brothers and sisters in that blighted land.

Around this time each year we are asked by a number of people who wonder if there’s any appropriate gesture of solidarity that could be taken, which would respect this action, yet equally express support for Tibet. Since 2013 we suggested a personal and fun way to celebrate, in a quiet fashion, Tibetan culture during these dark days, which can be enjoyed individually, with family or friends.

We invite you to learn how to prepare a simple recipe for Tibetan soup. The ingredients for this are easily obtained and the method is not so difficult, and the result is a hearty and warming dish. The soup we have chosen is called in Tibetan Thenthuk, we have done so because its less involved than the usual dish made the day before Losar, known as Guthuk We hope you will enjoy preparing and sharing this meal, and in so doing spare a thought for Tibet’s true cause for national freedom.

Thenthuk (Flat Noodle Soup)

First make the Noodles

A handful of white flour (you can use any kind of flour)

100ml water (room temperature)

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 tsp oil

In a bowl mix these ingredients well and then knead on a floured surface for 4 minutes.Cover the dough and leave to stand for 5 minutes (you can use any kind of cover) but don’t leave it for longer than 5 minutes or it will get too sticky. Next, flatten the dough into a thin sheet and cut into long strips.


Now The Soup

Heat a large, deep pan and fry the following for 30 seconds, or until the garlic begins to brown:

3 tbsp oil

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbsp garlic

1 tbsp ginger

Now Add The Following:

1 large tomato, roughly chopped

1 small onion, chopped in half

1 carrot, chopped thinly

1 green pepper, chopped

1 handful of cabbage, sliced (spinach or other greens are just as good)

Fry for 1 minute until the tomato is mashed then add 1200ml boiling water.

Now Add The Noodles

Before putting the pasta strips in the soup, drape them over your arm and tear strips off, about an inch in size. Cook for 2 minutes until the water is boiling again.

Finally add 1 tbsp soy sauce.

Before serving make a plain omlette (2 eggs for 6 people, 1/4tsp salt and 1/4tsp black pepper). Allow this to cool and then chop into strips before adding on top of each dish.


No bowl of Tibetan soup is complete without a serving of chilli,sauce or powder. Enjoy

Grateful thanks to Lhamo’s Kitchen For this recipe

China Sends In The Psychopaths To Ensure A ‘Harmonious’ Tibetan New Year!

Across the lands of occupied Tibet, which since 1950 has become effectively the world’s largest prison, with some 6 million Tibetans held captive by China’s terrorist regime, numbers of paramilitary troops are increased. Reports describe additional units of armed police, while armored convoys are on the streets of Lhasa, the Tibetan capital. A merciless war of oppression is again being waged against Tibetans and their culture as the people of Tibet prepare as best they can to mark the coming Tibetan New Year.

Anonymous Action Launching On Tibetan Independence Day

Image: courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

A statement by the Anonymous hacking collective #teamriddler has been posted declaring action against Chinese government websites to coincide with ‘Tibetan Independence Day’ on February 13th.

The declaration may be read here

Appreciation to @AnonymousTibet for posting news of this latest development.

Is Female Genital Mutilation More Of An Atrocity Than China’s Forced Sterilizations?

Graphic via @tibettruth

It’s the international day against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and various social networking platforms are buzzing with discussions and comments in opposition to this issue. Anyone concerned with women’s human rights is naturally promoting this important event and demanding an end to the practice of FGM.  The global outrage surrounding  a vicious disfigurement and abuse of a woman’s freedom of control over her own body has attracted concerted and fierce opposition. Such a response contrasts starkly with the subject of China’s medical atrocities. While feminists, women’s NGOs and bodies such as the United Nations Fund for Population and United Nations Commission On The Status of Women are rightly campaigning against FGM they are virtually invisible when it comes to China’s forced sterilization of women.

Is the slicing open of a woman against her will, forcibly sterilized through such ‘surgery’, any less an atrocity than the practice of FGM? Clearly not as both constitute a violent abuse of women’s human rights. Yet the influential and agitated voices of condemnation on FGM, maintain a cold-hearted silence on the countless numbers of women forcibly sterilized by China.

While we support and respect all who are campaigning to end FGM such efforts are somewhat demeaned by the worrying absence of equivalent action against China’s program of forced sterilizations. Surely all violence against women should be equally and forcefully opposed?

Exile Tibetan Minister Misrepresenting Struggle Of Tibet’s People

Image: file photo/graphic via @tibettruth

When exiled Tibetan Ministers, who let’s be realistic are highly unlikely to exchange their comfortable lives in the USA , Europe or India for an uncertain existence under the dubious  laws of communist China’s regime in an ‘autonomous’ Tibet, start misrepresenting the truth of the common political aspiration of Tibetans inside occupied Tibet then you know the Tibetan movement in exile has lost its way!


Here’s the latest example, courtesy of Ms Dikyi Chhoyang as reported by Times Of India, perhaps we shall be later informed that the quote featured was misreported by the journalist, or confused in translation. A response favored previously by prominent representatives of the Exiled Tibetan Administration when finding themselves in hot water.

What’s particularly offensive, apart from a gross distortion of the facts is that Ms Chhoyang issues such a comment in full knowledge that inside Tibet her countrymen and women are facing torture, jail, forced labor and bullets to demand Tibetan independence.Clearly she and her colleagues within the Central Tibetan Administration will not allow that reality to obstruct an agenda of betrayal and appeasement though!

Anonymous’ #teamriddler In 7 Day Hijack Of Chinese Government Site

Anonymous activists supporting Tibet have had a busy week. Twitter threads were hot with reports of a major attack, in which the server of a Chinese government website, that covers the area of Yushul in eastern Tibet’s Kham region, was hacked. Resulting in the site being taken offline. The action according to news issued via @AnonymousTibet was taken by a hacking collective called #teamriddler in support for ‘Operation Tibet’, which has been targeting official Chinese sites for the past two years. Today an updated video statement on this latest action was released onto Youtube.