Australia’s Uyghurs Protest

A report in The Age describes Uyghur protesters demonstrating in front of the communist Chinese consulate in Sydney on July 8, demanding freedom and justice East Turkestan. Uyghurs chanted “freedom to Uyghurs” and “shame on you murderers”. Some held placards reading “World listen to our plea”, while others draped themselves in chains to represent the ongoing suppression of Uyghurs in East Turkestan (re-named as Xinjiang by communist China)

According to the report:

“Australian Uyghur Association spokesman Kuranda Seyit contrasted the Sydney protest with the Chinese rally.

“We are gathered here today at a peaceful protest,” Mr Seyit told the crowd.

“There’s nobody shooting us. There’s nobody hitting us with sticks. There is nobody oppressing us.

“We want our freedom and democratic rights to express our disappointment and anger with the Chinese authorities. This is how a free and open society can be and this is what we want in China … for the Uyghur people. How on earth can the rest of the world tolerate this injustice against the Uyghur people?”

The Uighur association’s general secretary Mamtimin Ala said about 2,000 Uighurs live in Australia.

“I strongly urge the Australian government to put diplomatic pressure on China to exercise maximum restraints to handle this problem in a more ration and moral and legal way,” Mr Ala said.

South Australian independent MP Kris Hanna has organised a rally in Adelaide on Thursday calling for the military crackdown in Xianjing to be condemned.

“Just as in Tibet, this is a disturbing case of old-fashioned imperialism by a repressive autocracy intolerant of cultural diversity,” Mr Hanna said in a statement. “In spite of our economic relationship with China, we need to tell Beijing that brutal violence and unjustified killing on ethnic or religious grounds is wrong and an offence to humanity.”

Grateful Thanks to The Age

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