Show-Trials Sentence Uyghurs

Another political show-trial in East Turkestan (so-called Xinjiang Autonomous Region) sentenced four Uyghurs  for supposedly attacking a person with a hypo-dermic syringe, the men were given prison terms of eight to 15 years on September 17.  The sentences given by the occupying communist Chinese Intermediate People’s Court in Urumchi came five days after another group of Uyghurs were sentenced to up to 15 years. Two were given 15 years imprisonment, one 12, and the other eight over a claimed  attack in an underground pedestrian crossing on the morning of Sept. 3. The fear and panic which swept through the city’s Han Chinese colonizers regarding thse mysterious ‘attacks’ was orchestrated by the communist Chinese authority, as evidenced by a number of reports from western media sources who quoted local Chinese stating that the communist regime had been texting warnings to people about needles containing some unknown virus being used.  This fabrication was peddled widely by communist China’s propaganda agency Xinhua, along with the claim that Uyghurs were behind such attacks. The whole affair reeks of covert orchestration and has the official fingerprints of the communist authorities all over it.

Meanwhile, in its ongoing efforts to misrepresent the just struggle of the Uyghur people for freedom and human rights, as fundamentalist terrorism, Xinhua has reported the so-called discovery of what it claims was a bomb-making factory on the outskirts of Aksu, a town about 700 kilometers south-west of Urumchi. According to an announcement from communist China’s Public Security Ministry troops arrested six suspects, and claimed to have seized amounts of what it descibed as ‘bomb-making materials’  in the raids (Editor’s Note: sugar can be used of course as an active component in an explosive device, how many households in Urumchi have that ingredient!)

The region’s occupying communist regime claimed that those arrested were planning to “carry out terrorist sabotage activities”, Xinhua named two Uyghurs, Seyitamut Obul and Tasin Mehmut. As always there is virtually no independent evidence which can corroborate such accounts as being anything other than cynical fabrications, for the purposes of communist Chinese propaganda. Dilxat Raxit, spokesman for the German-based World Uighur Congress, demanded an independent investigation, and claimed communist security forces in the Aksu area had arrested 143 Uighurs for violating Chinese-imposed restrictions on fasting during the Muslim sacred month of Ramadan.

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