Beijing Bans Tourist Vultures from Tibet

Forever anxious about even the slightest form of dissent, or exposure of its suppression and illegal occupation in Tibet, communist China has today (September 22)  banned foreign tourists from travelling to the region, in advance of  a planned propaganda parade in Lhasa, to ‘celebrate’ 60 years of communist Chinese domination, exploitation and violent oppression of Tibetan culture.

Several sources quote Tan Lin, an official within the so-called tourism bureau of Tibet, as saying that foreign tourists would be stopped from entering Tibet, the communist regime in Beijing has increased security in recent weeks in fearful anticipation of any protest which will reveal to the world the violently draconian nature of communist China. An un-named member of staff at the International Grand Hotel in Lhasa was quoted as saying that the exclusion of foreign visitors would remain till October 8.

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4 thoughts on “Beijing Bans Tourist Vultures from Tibet”

  1. Tourist “vultures”?? It is one thing to showcase the negative affects of Chinese-run tourism and propaganda within Tibet, but it is another to attack those who wish to tour Tibet. I have friends who have gone to Tibet in order to “see things for themselves” or to teach, help NGOs. China bans tourists inside Tibet because they fear the truth about Tibet will get out… and when it comes to getting such information, sometimes the tourists are the ones who help the Tibet cause by bearing witness to the atrocities and getting information out through a non-political channel.

    1. Pema, your point is taken and welcomed. Sadly the overwhelming majority of tourists visiting Tibet are not there for selfless reasons, please see the following

      As for NGO’s have you ever thought about the fact their presence actually legitimizes China’s occupation, since they are required to co-operate and comply with the demands of the communist Chinese regime. Imagine a Jewish charity agreeing to work in Nazi Germany,while all around their fellow Jews are suffering untold oppresson and violence!

      1. If you want to discuss NGOs I am happy to discuss them as well. I think it is fair to criticize individual NGOs on their effectiveness and their behavior. However, I think bringing Nazis into this completely ruins the discussion. Ever heard of Godwin’s law? Or better yet, you’re using it as a red herring.

        So yes, let’s take one NGO to look at: One Heart Tibet, which works inside Tibet to train Tibetans to become midwives, to give them proper tools to save both mothers and children from dying after childbirth/birth. What is the alternative you propose? That we not let this NGO work with China to assist the very lives of the ordinary Tibetan people? I will do anything, anything at all to help my people and if that means working with the Chinese government to save the lives of Tibetans (without any strings attached), then I will support it.

  2. Pema, Of course you have very freedom to as you put it so well: “I will do anything, anything at all to help my people and if that means working with the Chinese government to save the lives of Tibetans (without any strings attached), then I will support it”. No doubt many Tibetan patriots who are currently being tortured inside prisons across Tibet will be pleased to hear of your willingness to collaborate.

    Such odious participation is however problematic in many ways, principally in that Tibetan culture, and its people, are completely bound with the very ropes and strings which you so innocently presume to consider may not exist. There is no single project inside Tibet which does not require complicty, submission and compromise towards the communist regime. It comes at a high price too, in keeping silent on political issues and human rights such individuals/organizations are endorsing the illegal occupation of Tibet and legitimizing Chinese rule. You can do so if you wish, but we prefer to stand wth the resistance to communist Chinese suppression in support of Tibetan independence.

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