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Update from New York Protest 9/23

Amid a huge presence of Iranian demonstrators, reported to number several thousand, Tibetans and their supporters again assembled outside the United Nations building in New York City today, calling for independence for Tibet, an end to human rights violations and in condemnation of communist Chinese Premier Hu Jintao’s address to the UN General Assembly.

Rangzen activist and member of the International Tibet Independence Movement, Mary Kate, who has been present throughout the protest,  reports that the situation is getting a touch heated: “Right now it is hectic all over the plaza, we have been grouped into a smaller space today as the Libyans and Iranians are here en masse”

Despite the competing causes, the slogans “China! China! China! Out! Out! Out!” “Hu Jintao Is A Killer! “Shame On Killers!” and “Save Tibet, Save The World” can be heard across the UN Plaza.  

Latest:  More Tibetans are arriving at the protest, although the security presence has been significantly increased today,  making it harder to get into the designated protest zone.





With grateful thanks to MKO for images.

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