Obama’s Tibet Hypocrisy

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One thought on “Obama’s Tibet Hypocrisy

  1. WELL SAID! The Obama Adminstration’s surrender to the Chinese Communist dictatorship sends a dangerous message to the party bosses in Beijing, that they can proceed with torture and murder in Tibet with no impediment, they will pay no price. Obama’s refusal to meet the Dalai Lama sends a message to other heads of state: throw Tibet overboard, do business with the genocial tyrants in China’s Politboro.
    Sec. of the Treasurt Timothy Geithner worked for Kissinger Associates for 4 years, say no more. The Kissinger Doctrine of Unconditional Engagement allows China full access to America’s weath and power, without making a single concession on human rights, relgious freedom. Tibet, et et.
    Our forigen policy -if you can call it that – is a collosal failure.

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