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Leading Chinese Academic Affirms Tibet Was Not Part of China

Professor Ge Jianxiong


A prominent Chinese academic has broken ranks with China’s fact-free propaganda on Tibet by declaring in the China Review that the region was not historically part of China. Professor Ge Jianxiong, a distinguished Chinese historian, and Director of the Institute of Chinese Historical Geography and the Research Centre for Historical Geographic Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, remarked that China’s bogus claims that Tibet “has always been a part of China” would be a “defiance of history”.

Such a public and authoritative contradiction of communist China’s claims, that Tibet has always been an inalienable part of China, may result in some form of action against the academic. Although the Tibet issue is so sensitive any moves may well be censored from media exposure.

Professor Ge’s article “How Big was the Ancient China” also featured a barbed critique towards Chinese officals who consider that:

“The more they exaggerate the territory of historical ‘China’ or China’s successive dynasties and kingdoms, the more patriotic they are. If China really wishes to rise peacefully and be on a solid footing to face the future, we must understand the sum of our history and learn from our experiences.”

More details here:

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