Tibetan Exiled Leadership Concedes China As Only Government Of Tibet

Without any genuine or measurable democratic consultation of the Tibetan Diaspora, the exiled Tibetan authorities decided Sunday May 29th to formally declare that they are not an exiled government of Tibet, an act which is going to have far reaching and possibly dangerous consequences for Tibet’s cause in terms of international law. The action effectively concedes that the only ‘legitimate’ government of Tibet is China’s regime and its puppet authority residing in the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region and other Tibetan regions occupied by China. This portrentous change was made in the full knowledge that inside occupied Tibet there is an ongoing resistance to Chinese rule and heartfelt desire for Tibet’s independence, yet such a reality did not stay the hand of the Dalai Lama, who signed the document confirming the changes to the Charter In Exile. As we have noted in a number of posts on this site, there is a determined agenda of the exiled leadership to comply to China’s demands  with respect to ongoing negotiations, this latest development is yet another demonstration of the insane compromises that seek to accept Chinese rule in Tibet, in exchange for so-called autonomy’ under China’s national and regional ‘laws’. It is a black day indeed for Tibet and another betrayal of  the countless thousands of Tibetans who have given their lives for Tibet’s national freedom, by an Administration, in its willingness to appease China, which has taken a further step in burying the notion of Tibetan nationhood.

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2 thoughts on “Tibetan Exiled Leadership Concedes China As Only Government Of Tibet”

  1. They should call themselves the Underground Govt Of Tibet, under oath to take care of Tibetans everywhere, including Tibet. Or, the International Govt Of Tibet ! And they should plant themselves right among the people of Tibet, in Tibet, with named functionaries underground, planning and coordinating on activities aimed at hitting the Chinese hard, where it hurts the most.

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