Facebook: Please Allow Tibetans Right To Select Their Hometown

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We are asking that Facebook kindly review its current profile format to enable Tibetans to select , as their hometown Lhasa, TIBET. Currently when Tibetans open an account they are denied that choice and can only select ‘Lhasa, Xizang, China’, an option that endorses the bogus claim that Tibet is part of China. We recognize and welcome the fact that the administrators of this socially responsible organization respect; and is committed to human rights, justice, democratic values and freedom. As such we are hopeful that they will have no objection, in allowing Tibetans worldwide, the freedom, to select for a profile, their hometown of Lhasa, Tibet, and not be forced to choose an option that perpetuates China’s cynical fabrication. We look forward to a positive response from Facebook.

Online Action

Send a message to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to allow Tibetans freedom to select Lhasa, Tibet, as their profile hometown.

Here’s how:

1) open-up messages on your Facebook homepage

2) click see all messages 

3) now in the URL (top of your browser window) add the number 4

4) click enter you can now paste:

Facebook: Please Allow Tibetans Right To Select Their Hometown https://tibettruth.com/2012/01/03/facebook-please-allow-tibetans-right-to-select-their-hometown/

5) Do exactly the same for the rest of Facebook Execs simply add respectively 5 and 7 in the URL and follow instructions above

An alternative description was offered by one of our readers:

“when you click the message icon at the top, a scroll bar shows your recent messages. at the bottom of this is the “see all messages” option, which will open the messages page. You can also reach this page by clicking on “messages” on the left hand column in the main, home, or news feed (I’m not sure what the correct term for it is) page . This will get you to the right page, where u can simply add 4 to the end of the URL and if will open a message to the founder of Facebook. then do the same thing with 5, then 7…. kind of complicated, I know, but should be easy enough…”

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this action and those below who have offered comments and suggestions.

61 thoughts on “Facebook: Please Allow Tibetans Right To Select Their Hometown

  1. Jigmey says:

    that would be very good and would be good act from facebook too. lets see how facebook faces it! lets see if face book is a really social network.

  2. Country right must be fixed. if it’s says in map doesn’t mean that Tibet is not there. It is there some country they don’t have freedom insight but the name still shown on ur list. So that’s not fair.

  3. Rollor says:

    “Xizang” is the Chinese translation of “Tibet”, using the pronunciation in Mandarin. But that is not English. Nobody other than the Chinese knows what it is. I wonder if Facebook would do the same with Hong Kong, calling it “Xianggang” as the Chinese do.

    • Thanks for your thoughts on this, a good point you raise there. We understand ‘Xizang’ transliterates from Mandarin toEnglish with the meaning of ‘Western Treasure House’. In that context, and given China’s dubious claims over Tibetan lands, perhaps more correctly the term applies not to all three regions of #Tibet but to the truncated area of U-Tsang, renamed into the laughingly named Xizang ‘Autonomus’ (sic) Region.

      FacwBook needs to act on this denial of individual choice by respecting fact that its Tibetan users would prefer to select Lhasa, T%ibet for their profile

  4. Michaela says:

    I can’t work out how to do this on Facebook..there is nowhere that says ‘select all messages’ in my messages. Please let me know how so that I can support this.
    Thank you

  5. Xiaogang says:

    As a Chinese, I fully support the Call for change to Facebook, to Allow Tibetans Right To Select Their Hometown.

    Everyone should have the right to select their hometown.

    I can’t see any reason for Facebook to deny the choice “Lhasa, Tibet”, while it allows the formats such as “San Francisco, California”, “Newcastle, New South Wales”, “Toronto, Ontario”, “Keelung, Taiwan”.

    Further more. “Lhasa, Xizang, China” is a very strange format to me, in which “Xizang” is a Chinese translation, while never “Lhasa” nor “China” are. If Facebook decided to spell “Tibet” as “Xizang”, why they not spell “China” as “Zhongguo”?

  6. OK – got it now and done that.

    If there are any other infrequent users of Facebook messaging out there then note that you may not see the ‘See All Messages’ link. If you don’t, then don’t worry – all you need to do is click in the browser address bar and, at the end of the URL address, add each of the numbers given one by one and follow the rest of hte instructions.

    Good luck Tibet.


  7. I support the Tibet name change on facebbook, in view of Hongkong, typical double standards.
    I also take a dim view of the Asian community decimating our Rhino population for the Horn used aphrodisiac’s. China wake up. This is 2012! W

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