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China Slaughters Unarmed Tibetan Protesters

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Chinese police shattered bullets in a crowd of Tibetan protesters leaving behind at least six dead and scores wounded. As the ‘police’ (Editor’s note: for this read jack-booted psychopaths) arrest numbers rose beyond 200 Tibetans, farmers from nearby villages like Geypen Lugoma and Drang-go Norpa gathered in Drango township and lead a protest demonstration where they demanded freedom for Tibet.Because of police shooting in… the crowd creating chaos in the town it’s still to be ascertain how many people had been killed and wounded. Eyewitnesses said at least six people have been shot to dead and scores left wounded. They also reported incidences of physical clashes between few Tibetans farmers and Chinese armed police. As news spread Tibetans from nearby districts of Tawu and Kanze are flocking to Drango in support of Tibetans uprising in that town.The wounded are being treated at the Drang-go monastery’s hospital and people gathered in the Drango monastery’s court yard has swelled beyond 6,000 and already more than 40 vehicles full of Tibetans from Kham Tawu have landed up in Drang-go township.The wounded are not being taken to government hospitals for fear of arrest and disappearance. Among the wounded is the Drango Monastery’s doctor Tenzin Dargyal, whose has bullet in his chest and no one has been able to treat him.

Report Courtesy of Dossier Tibet

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