Dalai Lama Declared Autonomy Proposals A Failure

In case anyone had not realized, or forgotten, the former political leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, in a 2009 interview with NBC’s ‘Today’ program, conceded a  truth known yet ignored, evaded and denied for far too long, that the so-called Middle Way policy, which sought from China’s regime ‘autonomy’ for Tibet, rather than their rightful independence, has failed.

That hugely important declaration asks huge questions of the current exile Tibetan Prime Minister, the Central Tibetan Administration and those who have blindly advocated this policy. How can the exiled Tibetan authority now continue to ask its people to have faith or trust in a strategy, which the Dalai Lama himself has acknowledged as a failure?

Yet despite the acknowledgement this doomed policy continues to be promoted as the only ‘solution’, ignoring the truth that in occupied Tibet, Tibetans are bravely demanding  the restoration of Tibet’s rightful independence. That reality though has not deterred those who, acutely aware that the Middle Way is effectively dead in the water, continue to force upon the Tibetan people a solution that would consign them to an uncertain and dangerous future under China’s bloody maw.

In light of this previous acknowledgement by the Dalai Lama, why has this vacuous and fossilized proposal not been removed from the table, and Tibet’s independence restored as the objective of the exiled Tibetan authority?

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