Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate

8 thoughts on “Two More Tibetans Self-Immolate

    1. It is tragic indeed, yet we have to remember the right and determination of Tibetans to press their struggle for independence as they see. No national freedom has been realized without sacrifice, loss, and immense pain, how we would all wish it was not so. Perhaps too we honor best the actions of these Tibetans martyrs by ensuring that the cause fro which they took such action is actively supported and widely known.

      1. Tibet is being literally raped, why the world doesn’t wake up and take notice… too busy with the Middle East, I guess and no oil in Tibet

      2. Surely so, along with China’s economic allure, it is after all America’s Banker and we heard that privately the UK has been borrowing from China via selling its Gilt Shares

      3. Guilt has a wonderful capacity to create denial, evasion and justification, all of which Governments (and individuals) regularly practice in response to the situation in occupied Tibet.

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