Wanted: Useful Fools. Apply To China Daily

Graphic courtesy of @AnonymousTibet

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2 thoughts on “Wanted: Useful Fools. Apply To China Daily

  1. People who visit Tibet as it is now cannot fail to see what is happening. I had reservations before I went but I feel witnessing the situation first hand can only make you more passionate about the rights of Tibetan people.

    1. Re: What tourists to Tibet ‘See’

      They see the torture cells? They see Tibetan women being forcibly sterilized? They see China’s paramilitary raiding Tibetan villages at midnight? They see Tibetan nomads forced into concrete prison towns? They see monasteries being invaded by Chinese troops? They see China’s uranium mining polluting the rivers?

      Truth is tourists to occupied Tibet see none of this genocide, seeing only what China’s regime permits them to witness, an ersatz version of Tibetan culture, sterilized, controlled with a fake smile upon its face, sold by a Han dominated tourist industry that sustains and encourages Chinese colonizers to Tibet.

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