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India What Price For Appeasing China?

Tibetan Hunger-Strikers, Jigme Sholpa (left), Dhondup Lhadhar (center) and Penpa Tsering (right) Detained In New Delhi’s Connaught Place Police Station


Three members of the Tibetan Youth Congress detained by Indian police yesterday, in the corrupted and cynical world of international politics it appears to be a criminal action to participate in a non-violent protest against China’s genocidal occupation of Tibet.Despite India’s craven appeasement of China and efforts to suppress freedom of expression and rightful demonstration the hunger-strikers are reported to be determined to continue their action during detention.

Please oppose this censorship and support these Tibetans in their efforts to expose China’s tyranny against Tibet by emailing a short message to the Indian Mission in your country. Demand that India respect freedom of protest and peaceful protest and call for the Indian authorities  to reinstate the hunger-strike.

Click here for email addresses of selected countries

3 thoughts on “India What Price For Appeasing China?

  1. Tibetans need to bring complete awareness of their plight to more people/countries of the world.Then only will those people/countries boycott China , like they boycotted Apartheid South Africa.

  2. India. Don’t become China’s ‘bitch’. It is a slippery slope ending in becoming China’s ‘possession’.

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