Machiavelli Could Have Learned Much From The Exiled Tibetan Administration

Master Of Manipulation Niccolo Machiavelli


Students of politics have long considered Machiavelli as the éminence grise of political strategy, the supreme go-to-guy for instruction on manipulating people and circumstances to extract advantage, what many will not realize is, in comparison to the dark arts of exiled Tibetan politics, he is a sorcerer’s apprentice! His considerable skills and insights would scratch only the surface of the latest political intrigue currently clouding the operations of Radio Free Asia (RFA).

On the subject of this major and influential source of information our position is that, like any media supposedly dedicated to Tibet, what should take precedence is a factual reportage of Tibet’s true cause (and the circumstances there) are presented, and not saturated with a tone and terminology that would attract the approval of China’s Regime. Unfortunately that cannot be said to the case with RFA (and to a lesser extent VOA Tibetan Service) which for a number of years has consistently featured in its reports terminology which has a worrying similarity with that regularly released by China’s Ministry of Disinformation. Have influences been applied to the executive of RFA to follow a certain editorial line?

To answer that maybe we need to ask ourselves who benefits, politically, from a highly respected Tibetan news service presenting reports with such a bias? The most immediate candidate is of course China’s Regime, which is unsleeping in its ideological warfare on Tibet. Secondly, we may wish to consider the cabal which is heading the exiled Tibetan Administration (CTA) which, having decided to surrender Tibet’s nationhood in exchange for seeking autonomy under China, is engaged in a determined effort to appease the Chinese authorities. Evidence of such appeasement, and a number of dangerous compromises, are featured in its negotiation proposals titled ‘Memorandum On Genuine Autonomy’ and numerous official statements. These all have one purpose to reassure China’s regime and encourage the continuance of the utterly failed negotiations, which if ever realized would signal the demise of Tibet as an international issue. Would the CTA go further and exert China-friendly influences, which effectively censored and colored RFA’s reportage on Tibet? Well if we read a recent statement from Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (Chairman on the Subcommittee On Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Foreign Affairs) then there does indeed seem cause for genuine concern. He has issued a blistering critique that touches upon these issues, and also what seems to be questions on financial mismanagement of US funding to the CTA.

His letter is available HERE (courtesy of Rangzen Alliance)

Meanwhile, beyond the tectonic frictions within Radio Free Asia, the dismissals and various accusations, in occupied Tibet the resistance continues, brave Tibetans facing Chinese bullets, prison and torture to demand Tibetan independence, while others offer their lives in fiery sacrifice to assert Tibetan national identity and oppose China’s illegal and brutal occupation. Their actions and the ongoing situation deserves to be reported as it truly is, minus any distorting lens of Chinese propaganda, after all it is they who are paying the real price, not those who may have been victim to the Machivellian antics of the CTA, who no doubt will shortly be offered equally prestigious positions elsewhere

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  1. Re: post from ‘tibetstruth’: Thank you for your comments, unfortunately we have not chosen to feature them as they are more concerned with vilification as opposed to the actual subject of the original post. Secondly as the name of your account seems remarkably similar to our own we would not wish anyone to wrongly associate or confuse such remarks with tibettruth

    1. Reasoned and objective critique is welcomed, trolling however will not be tolerated,which is why your comments have on this occasion not been included. As to Doctor Sangay it is not his personality or ‘reputation, we are most certain he is a very amiable and agreeable person, which attracts critical attention, but his position with respect to Tibet’s true cause and the betrayal and misrepresentation of the struggle waged by Tibet’s brave people.

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