Just Who The *** Are These ‘Tibet’ Groups Supporting?


Were there non-French people living in other countries during the time that France was under Nazi occupation, with some brave individuals resisting that tyranny, who attended public meetings to openly endorse a proposal that pressed the French to be ‘realistic’ and submit to Nazi rule, rather than strive for restoring France’s independence?

Did groups of non-South African anti-Apartheid activists convene gatherings, in some safe and comfortable location, to issue statements that advised ‘Black’ people in townships like Soweto to submit to the rule of the racist regime and accept whatever improvements could be gained?

During the dark days that the people of East Timor suffered violent oppression from Indonesian military did human rights workers and individuals, supportive of freedom for that land, issue declarations that supported, not independence, but improved rights yet remaining under the draconian rule of Indonesia?

Does there exist, far removedĀ  from the harrowing experiences of Palestinians, non-Palestinian, organizations that affirm themselves as supporting Palestine yet are consistently refusing to openly advocate national freedom and independence for Palestine? Instead endorse a solution in which Palestinians would remain under Israel’s oppressive control, with limited improvements in terms of rights?

So, we wish to invite the opinions of anyone, with an interest in, or actively involved with those historic cases, (and the ongoing struggle for Palestine’s national freedom) on the troubling existence of a large number of supposedly supportive Tibet related groups, that in relation to the Tibetan cause, are taking such a position. Advocating a ‘solution’ that would abandon Tibet’s right to independence, while insisting that Tibetans would be better to seek improved rights yet remain under the tender mercies of China’s tyranny.

2 thoughts on “Just Who The *** Are These ‘Tibet’ Groups Supporting?

  1. @Tibettruth your collective absence is felt, and I have great concern. If there is anything I can do to assist, please do not hesitate to ask. You are a great strength and a strong force for truth and solidarity with an Independent Tibet.

    1. You are referring to our colleagues over at Twitter..yes they have like us been involved in some other actions for Tibet, but should be back online today.Thank you for the solidarity

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