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Great Scott! What Are You Doing?

Graphic courtesy of @tibettruth

Just what is this respected manufacturer of sports and outdoor eye-ware doing? Seeing the image above it would be natural for people to wonder if that company is selling its products to China’s paramilitary? After all any business can be a touch myopic when it comes to seeking profits, there are exceptions of course and hopefully this US corporation operates a policy of no-sale to regimes that oppress the rights and freedoms of people.

It’s hardly great PR for a progressive and ethics-based company to have its products  used by a jack-booted military, which 24/7 is engaged in the oppression, torture and killing of Tibetans. Surely Scott was aware that its protective goggles would be seen as an endorsement of China’s brutal occupation of Tibet? But hey maybe we got this all wrong. So let’s give the company a chance, why not join in us in asking them to explain how their products got be be regular kit for China’s ‘security’ psychopaths. Is Scott doing business with China’s regime?

Contact them on Twitter at @rideonscott or Facebook at

Alternatively you can leave a note on their website here:

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