Tibetan Today Self-Immolates In Amdo Region Of Tibet

Breaking reports of another self-immolation protest in Tibet. According to Phayul Mr Phagmo Dhondup, a Tibetan in his 20s self-immolated to oppose China’s illegal and brutal occupation of Tibet, near the historic Jhakhyung Monastery located in Palung region of Tshoshar, Amdo region of occupied Tibet. eastern Tibet.


  1. I can’t understand why the people of power and influence in the world are so indifferent to the suffering of the Tibetan people that they do nothing to support them, either in word or deed… Do they really not care that more than 100 people have gone through the supreme and dreadful sacrifice to try and bring the world’s eyes to focus on them? Who can forget Jan Palach, a single man who did the same thing to liberate Czechoslovakia… and yet Tibetan people seem to count as nought… I would despair except that I have to keep hoping for a better future.


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