University Of Sydney in China’s Organs For Sale Controversy

China's Mobile Death Vans
China’s Mobile Death Vans


No doubt many of our visitors and subscribers had seen our recent posts about University Of Sydney’s very welcome decision to  host the Dalai Lama for a speech in June. It was a honorable and entirely correct reversal by the University, who we publicly applauded for such a stand, however we read from an ABC report today of a further controversy that leaves leaves a sour taste indeed. It seems that the University is now under fire for honoring a Chinese Doctor reportedly involved with China’s program of harvesting organs from executed political and other prisoners.

Just what is such a respected academic institution doing bestowing honors upon a key figure linked with China’s organ trade?  We have reported on this disturbing matter previously and are very saddened to read that the University has actually honored Docto Huang Jiefu! Surely its Executive are aware of the international concern and opposition to China’s industrialized killing and processing of bodies for the onward sale of organs? Is Doctor Michael Spence and his colleagues at Sydney ignorant of the fleets of mobile death vans that roam the countryside executing and process prisoners in order to secure undamaged and fresh organs, which no doubt meet the highest price!

It is a ghastly business and chillingly reminiscent of similar vehicles used by Himmler’s SS, an horrific industrialized process, in which a prisoner is injected with poison,  often not dead  the body is then butchered, with organs harvested for sale on what is a lucrative market, domestically and oveseas. Is this what awaits the innocent victims of communist Chinese oppression?

We understand there is within the University itself deep concern and calls for that individual to be stripped of the honors bestowed upon him, a totally reasonable and ethical response. It is to be hoped that the Executive of University of Sydney will indeed act with integrity and make clear its profound opposition to China’s program or executions and its harvesting of human organs. People of compassion, principle and normal intelligence expect no less from an institution which surely cannot continue associating itself, through supporting Doctor Huang Jiefu,  with the dark horrors of China’s regime.

Please join our efforts to lobby the University, express your concern and demand that Doctor Huang Jiefu be stripped of his Honors. Email  Provost Professor Garton and Vice-Chancellor Dr Michael Spence via:


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