The Middle-Way Agitators Within TYC Must Resign!

Tibetan Youth Congress Recently Held Meeting In Dharamsala, India
Tibetan Youth Congress Recently Held Meeting In Dharamsala, India


Sanity it would seem has been restored and normal service returned to the Tibetan Youth Congress who at their recent meeting unanimously voted to support and re-endorse the prime objective of Tibet’s rightful independence: SOURCE This is a very welcome affirmation, more so given the recent efforts by a few to destabilize the TYC with various reports of seeking to change the organization’s objective from Tibetan sovereignty to the failed Middle Way Approach currently being peddled by Doctor Sangay and the Central Tibetan Administration.

So what of that small band of trouble-makers, and most surely there can be no other way to more aptly describe the actions of those who publicly challenged the TYC, having reneged on their oath to support Rangzen. Clearly having now found themselves unable to believe in Tibet’s independence it would be difficult in the extreme to imagine how they can remain in their present posts as members. Take into consideration also that according to a Tibetan journalist who attended a meeting of RTYC Bangalore the Executive resorted to an open declaration of rebellion and resignation, if the leadership of TYC did not drop its objective for Tibetan independence! According to the Editor of the Tibet Telegraph, who posted a report on his Facebook account (a copy of which we have) the leadership of that Chapter read aloud a statement threatening to withdraw its membership unless the TYC abandon its stance on independence!

Whatever personal reflections resulted in that threat, and there are some who may see darker forces operating behind recent actions, their continuing presence within TYC cannot be justified, given they now are avowed to supporting the surrender of Tibetan nationhood in exchange for autonomy under Chinese rule. It is hoped that those individuals, and any others who support such treachery,  will now salvage some dignity and honor from what has been an entirely unhelpful and damaging episode by immediately resigning from the TYC

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