Demonstrations, Tibet

Tibet Supporters Get Ready For Glastonbury Festival


So our friends in England are preparing to head off to the Glastonbury Festival, kitted out with camping gear, waterproof clothing, sleeping bags, gas cookers and no doubt equipment for that essential English daily treat, a cup of tea! Well let’s wish sunny weather for the many thousands of folks who will be attending, who are promised a feast of entertainment from a huge selection of musicians.

Another major event at Glastonbury will be the presence of Tibet’s national flag (seen above center table) which thanks to the kindness of some amazing folks will be making a number of appearances throughout the festival.

Our colleagues over at @tibettruth will be asking people able to watch the event on television, and those at the site, to see if they can spot what arguably is the most colorful national emblem. It’s going to flying high for sure as we understand it will be on top of a 6 meter pole!

If you see it please help to increase exposure of Tibet on Twitter by tweeting to @tibetruth I Saw #Tibet’s Flag At #Glasto

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