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Tibet Making Its Mark At Glastonbury Festival


Our friends over at @tibettruth received news that Tibet is making an increasing presence at the festival

“Greetings! Quick message. Battery going. Just 2let u know, there’s a growing Tibetan awareness growing at Glasto. 6 flags in the Kidz FieldA stall selling all kinds of things 2 raise money, plus a wall of Tibetan news articles. Flag stalls r selling Tibetan national flags.AND there’s now a Tibetan food stall so I had my first momo since I left Pokhara, Nepal! I’ve told them all 2 look out for the flag at gigs” xDharmaPunkx

If you spot Tibet’s national flag at the festival either on site or if you are watching via the internet or on TV then please tweet to @tibettruth

I Saw #Tibet’s Flag At #Glasto

2 thoughts on “Tibet Making Its Mark At Glastonbury Festival

  1. Great news! 🙂 Because of the almost blanket media blackout on Tibet in the UK so many ppl have been unaware of the situation as it stands. That is changing with the good work done by Tibet Activists like TibetTruth on social media and those “Out in the Field”! Lovely image btw, would be great on a T-shirt! I’ll be keeping a lookout for that beautiful flag on any footage I see and tweeting it when I do!

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