Cloak And Dagger Surrounds China’s Security Goons UK Seminar

China's Security Goons-Cloned To Perfection
China’s Security Goons-Cloned To Perfection


Update on the reports featured by two senior and respected UK newspapers, The Independent  See HERE and The Sunday Times and HERE that a delegation from China’s Ministry Of Public Security are participating next month in a Seminar, reportedly hosted at Trinity Hall University Of Cambridge, organized according to The Independent by the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics.

Following our previous post there has been considerable concern about this event and once again we have seen amazing support and action from our international subscribers and supporters. Our friend Kerry from Australia was just one of those who emailed both Professor Martin Daunton and the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics. Kerry very kindly posted a response received from that organization and we include it below, because if it’s genuine, and we have no reason to think otherwise at this stage, then it raises some interesting questions.

“Dear Kerry,

It is the ethics of the press which needs attention here. It is inaccurate reporting by the Sunday times based on a leak to the press by a disgruntled academic in another institution. Our Centre has NOT invited this delegation nor are we hosting their visit. A delegation of Chinese police officers has been granted visas to come to the UK on a 20 day visit (not hosted by us) to study how in the UK the police deal with respecting citizen`s rights.
Our Centre takes a legal approach to research and does cover human rights from a legal perspective, as well as anti-corruption and have won a prize for one of our legal publications by the US Government. We were due to give a seminar during the 20 day visit to this delegation, using a UK recently retired police officer. to instruct this delegation on UK best police practices and the UK Police and Criminal Evidence Act and its Codes governing behaviour. The delegation then is scheduled to have study sessions with a range of other UK organisations during their 20-day visit (which as stated above is not organised, hosted or arranged by our Centre).

It is a pity that, despite the ethics of the press having been a big issue in the UK recently, that they still persist in inaccurate sensationalism!

Our Centre`s true work can be seen on our website at Our Centre is not a part of the University of Cambridge as our website demonstrates.

Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics”

So it’s sensationalism on the part of two senior UK newspapers, that along with inaccurate reportage? Seems rather a confused picture, we have naturally contacted those journalists to get some clarification. Meanwhile perhaps the Centre for Business and Public Sector Ethics could assist by directly addressing these questions?

1. Is your group organizing (either wholly or in part) participating or associated with a Seminar to be held next month upon the lands and or property of Trinity Hall University Of Cambridge?

2. Should that event take place will you confirm that there will be in attendance a delegation from China’s Ministry Of Public Security?

3. Will questions on human rights be allowed during the event and participants and guests able to question the aforementioned Chinese delegation on the issue of human rights?

4. Will you state, if not your organization, who is hosting this delegation and arranged their visit to the UK?

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    1. We are on the case, also very important help to get active support from our friends and supporters on this, so if you time please consider emailing your concerns to both of those parties

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