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Where’s The Justice For Tibet’s People?



The Peace Palace, Home Of The International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands.
The Peace Palace, Home Of The International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands.


For over six decades Tibetans have suffered a range of human rights violations, their culture under what’s rightly described as a genocidal assault, denied their rightful national freedom the people of Tibet have been terrorized by a brutal occupying regime. Throughout that time the United Nations, apart from some early Resolutions (that were never taken further) has offered platitudes, while Governments have ditched any sense of principle in exchange for a slice of China’s economic pie. The name of the game is appeasement with an occasional expression of concern at the latest report of oppression against Tibetans, we live as ever in cynical times, where politics and national interest ride roughshod over human rights values and principles of justice. Yet an often heard response to the suffering of Tibet’s people asks, why can’t the case of Tibet be taken to the International Court Of Justice (ICC)? It’s a perfectly reasonable question, the answer though is complicated by the dark agenda of international politics where justice seems not to apply to those with the political and economic influence currently enjoyed by China. Yet the court of public opinion would assert resoundingly that Tibetans have a clear and justified case that most surely demands international criminal justice for Tibet, so what’s the deal with the ICC?

If you would like to learn more about this issue do read/download ‘Ending Impunity: Crimes Against Humanity Tibet’ Released by the TCRHD

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