Why’s Integrity Too Toxic For The Exiled Tibetan Administration?

Karma Chophel Paying A Heavy Price For Expressing Integrity
Karma Chophel Paying A Heavy Price For Expressing Integrity


Mr Karma Chophel, exiled Tibetan Parliamentarian vilified, marginalized and misrepresented by an ignorant mindset that has exposed the absence of genuine democracy within Tibetan society. What calumny and character assassination does he or his family now endure because he had the integrity and courage to publicly withdraw his support for a policy which seeks to surrender Tibet’s nationhood in exchange for a dangerous and uncertain future under China’s dubious laws on autonomy?

Was this man of principle set up at a meeting in May this year when a Tibetan student posed, what many would question to be a loaded and agenda driven question to the Dalai Lama? Whose agitated reply claimed the particular Parliamentary comments of Mr Chophel had made the Tibetan leader’s position on Tibet’s future status appear insincere.

The record notes that in withdrawing his support for the Middle Way Mr Chophel noted that while the Dalai Lama may have proposed the policy as a response to the critical circumstances inside Tibet, Chophel felt that on a deeply personal level he longed for Tibetan Independence.

Are such comments truly worthy of the volcanic reaction which has followed? Do they seriously undermine the standing or sincerity of His Holiness with respect to his position on Tibet’s future status? Was Mr.Chopel not simply reflecting upon a very fundamental truth, which ironically His Holiness has previously acknowledged “It’s important for the Chinese authorities to recognize the true aspirations of the Tibetan people..virtually all Tibetans long for nothing less than full independence for our country” (Dalai Lama March 10, 1990). In the quiet moments of a personal and inner communion is it that unlikely, like the vast majority of his countrymen and women, the Dalai Lama has not cherished a dream for a free Tibetan nation?

Yet for daring to suggest as much Karma Chophel seems to have incurred the wrath of the exile Tibetan political establishment, why would his principled and reasonable comments have sparked such a reaction? The answer surely lies in the ongoing efforts to appease China’s regime and convince the Chinese leadership that the exiled Tibetan leadership is indeed sincere in its claim to be seeking only autonomy, as defined by the communist party of China.

The inflamed response to Mr Chophel’s public withdrawal of the Middle Way policy, and his not unreasoned remarks on the Dalai Lama, reflect the raw insecurities of the Central Tibetan Administration, which is desperately promoting what has proved to be a failed ‘solution’. Meanwhile in it’s myopic campaign to accept Chinese rule, minus any democratic rights; as asserted by Doctor Lobsang Sangay, it poses as a democratic body yet is intolerant of the dissenting voice, particularly those that challenge its orthodoxy.

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17 thoughts on “Why’s Integrity Too Toxic For The Exiled Tibetan Administration?”

  1. It is absolute alright to express one’s political stand either in parliament or else in Tibetan Society. No one would challenge him if he says he stands for Independence as he has been saying that since many years back, and there is no issue with regards to that.

    However, the issue here is no one can conjecture or conclude about what other’s stand is, and most importantly, his holiness has been advocating so much of his energies and resources to emphasize the middle way approach to gain genuine autonomy and there Chinese are always accusing his holiness proposal as “Independence in disguise”, and now here Mr Karma Chophel, one of the most senior parliamentarian is backing Chinese claim and making his holiness a mere liar, which is not tolerable to any one of us, his holiness never express his pain to anyone unless it is much serious and this time his holiness was quite hurt by this incident.

    What ever Tibet issue and Tibetan plight today is all because of His Holiness’s untiring endeavor, what this Mr Karma Chophel has done to Tibetan society, any contribution? other than creating chaos and disunity among Tibetans. (Editor’s Note: COMMENT REMOVED AS NO CHARACTER ASSASSINATION WILL BE TOLERATED)

    I should say it is now the right time to resign from member of parliament, (Editor’s Note: COMMENT REMOVED AS NO HATEFUL ATTACKS WILL BE TOLERATED) He lost his votes from U tsang side before and there is no chance he will get elected in future after all these drama. Kagyu should think twice to elect such man

    He came out with the statement few days back and says he didn’t say anything like that to His Holiness whereas everyone has seen that in video and anyone can see that in youtube today. How this man could lie about the thing that has every prove of it.

    As far as his integrity is concern (Editor’s Note: COMMENT REMOVED AS NO CHARACTER ASSASSINATION WILL BE TOLERATED) So, therefore whoever has written this article has to be bit practical, you should not let emotion to cloud on your mind.

    1. Kunsang, thanks for your comments, unfortunately they needed moderating. While the Blog welcomes different opinions, it is a policy not to permit hateful content and character assassination, as a result parts of your views have been removed. On the issue itself we have nothing further to ad to the original article, apart from reminding you that in a genuinely free and democratic society it is entirely reasonable for any individual to speculate on the personal hopes of others. Most surely within the political arena exchanges on the motivation, thoughts and objectives of Presidents, Ministers and Government is a daily occurrence, however it seems that such is limited and fractured nature of democracy in exiled Tibetan society that any who offer a simple and speculative opinion are subjected to vilification.

  2. People are not against him for being forthright about Rangzen,,,but his rangzen interpretation of Dentsik Monlam directly questioned the integrity of His Holiness.which is unacceptable…Stand for rangzen if u have to, if u have faith in it,,,but don’t manipulate facts and integrity of His Holiness to serve ur purpose. His Holiness nurtured the exile community (you & I) and looked after its people and administration for 60 years, through many unimaginable hardships and challenges. And in return what do we do? Question his integrity. Blame him for closing exile govt.

    1. Gangjong, your comments add ma-tsa to the thug-pa, it may make it taste spicier but does not change the original ingredients. It is therefore slightly misleading to attribute motives or consequences to the actual comments made by Karma Chophel in the Parliamentary meeting, at no stage did he question the integrity of Kundun. He simply speculated upon what virtually all Tibetans dream for, an independent Tibet and it is not unreasonable for him to have considered in that political forum if His Holiness too had a similar hope.

      What followed has all the hallmarks of an orchestrated witch-hunt, of course such negative activity should be seen against the ongoing appeasement by the CTA towards the Chinese regime, as it desperately tries to counter Chinese claims that the MWA is a disguised ploy for independence. We believe Karma Chophel had no ill intentions with his remarks and has found himself castigated for having the determination and courage to openly withdraw his support for what has proved a failed policy. He rocked the autonomy boat and there are those who are now busily manipulating and exploiting his words to suit their own political agenda or prove their loyalty to the CTA.

  3. Poor Karma Choephel la villified, humiliated, and rediculed for standing up for the truth. I fully support Karma Choephel la for his daring and uncompromising stand when it comes to six million Tibetans and their future.

  4. not worth commenting on this site when editor is baised..Regret even reading this full of rubish n misleading..

  5. I support you Mr. Choephel la. Don’t ever feel that you did something wrong! We all have opinions and believes. All views & opinions should welcome & respected regardless of one agrees with it or not!

  6. How to go by if one wishes to contact personally via email or mail to Karma Chomphel la? I would love to write directly to him and even provide financial assistance if needed. I’m absolutely disgusted with things that goes in that little Dharamsala. It is so ridiculous that if I even remotely say anything that goes off even in a fraction to people in Dharamsala( officials of CTA & and their narrow minded entourage ) I’ll be “tag” with anti this & anti that label without any facts to back it up.
    How did we get here? What ever happen to we’re all “brothers and sisters of one blood” slogan? Yes! I’m ranting with passion for the cause. Free Tibet, Not Autonomy!

    1. Karma well said! We imagine that Karma Choephel and his family have been subject to some very unpleasant pressures indeed. Probably he is so sensitive on the matter that such a kind and wonderful offer as your would not be accepted.

  7. Karma Choephel

    Editor’s Note: Your comment has not been featured as this Blog runs a policy of not tolerating abusive remarks.

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