Respect To Mayor Cassidy & The Folks Of San Leandro


On behalf of our subscribers, friends and supporters we wish to extend to Mayor Stephen Cassidy and the good folks of San Leandro our sincere appreciation for his decision to suspend the implementation of the recent decision by the city’s Council to raise China’s flag on October 1st. All who stand for justice, human rights and democratic freedoms will salute the decision of the Mayor, who has acted consistently  with integrity, compassion and a commitment to representing the values of freedom and goodness from within the local community, who no doubt will join with people from around the world to salute this suspension. Clearly there has been a profound sense of concern at the prospect of honoring China’s culture and the local Chinese community by raising a political symbol of a regime notorious for such vicious oppression.

Thank you to all our amazing friends over on Twitter who were actively supporting efforts to ensure that common sense and decency prevailed, with the enlightened leadership and sensitivity shown by Mayor Cassidy that now looks a far more probable outcome.

4 thoughts on “Respect To Mayor Cassidy & The Folks Of San Leandro

  1. Such great news… emailed this letter of appreciation and respect to Mayor Cassidy, such a relief he made a humane decision. xoxoxo

  2. This is great news! Big thank you to Mayor Stephen Cassidy and the People of San Leandro for showing they listened to the human rights principles at stake here. I shall email the Mayor my thanks too. With so many people holding office irresponsibly and not listening, I believe it is important to show support to those who show true leadership.

    Big thank you to you our friends TibetTruth too, for your tireless work on behalf of the Tibetan People. This, following on from the successful campaign for the Dalai Lama’s visit to Sydney University, really shows that if we campaign together with one heart we can bring about positive change. It really warms my spirit. 🙂

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