Worrying Retreats Cloud Annniversary Of The Tibetan Youth Congress


Some troubling extracts from a statement of published today by the Tibetan Youth Congress on the commemoration of  its 44th anniversary.

“..we have adopted a resolution considering the re-amendment of article four of TYC aims and objectives at the next General Body Meeting.

TYC withdraws the resolution passed during the 43rd Working Committee Meeting which states: TYC will work to persuade or appeal the central Tibetan administration to initiate change in their official policy from Middle Way to Independence struggle. We also refrain to behave as a political party/opponent of the CTA in future.

The resolution states: Tibetan Youth Congress will continue to strive or struggle for the attainment of unified independence of all three provinces of Tibet; however in future, under the direction of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, we will respect and support, the ultimate majority decision of Tibetans in Tibet and in exile, when Tibet’s issue reaches the juncture of contended settlement.

We have withdrawn the statement, concerning the issue of alteration or change in the title of Tibetan Government in Exile to Central Tibetan Administration, released during a press conference convened by executive committee members of TYC on 7th June 2011.” (Emphasis Added)

Full text of the statement may be seen HERE

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