What Now Doctor Sangay? As China Again Rejects Doomed Autonomy Proposal

Zhu Issues Another Rejection Of Tibetan Autonomy Proposals
Zhu Issues Another Rejection Of Tibetan Autonomy Proposals


For years now efforts by the exiled Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) to convince China to agree a compromise on Tibet has been consistently and forcefully rejected by the Chinese authorities as a veiled bid to secure independence through the backdoor. The latest rejection was declared October 19 by China’s ‘Ethnic and Religious Affairs Committee’ Mr. Zhu Weiqun the Chairman of again dismissed proposals for genuine autonomy for Tibetans

“In fundamental sense, high-level autonomy means Tibet’s independence. We cannot allow it to happen in China..The Dalai Lama’s goal is to initially seek autonomy and later push for making Tibet an independent country,” Source

Another stark reminder, delusionally ignored by the advocates of seeking such a compromise, that the Middle Way proposal is a failed and stagnant strategy, a fact consistently denied by those who blindly follow the exiled Tibetan Administration’s efforts to secure some improved autonomy under Chinese rule. So with China’s emphatic turn-down ringing in Tibetan ears what next for Doctor Lobsang Sangay and his colleagues in the exiled Central Tibetan Administration (CTA)?

More dangerous compromise and appeasement could bring China to the table and so in a spirit of satirical generosity we offer a solution to the present ‘leader’ of the CTA, which we believe would dissolve China’s suspicions and secure the objective of autonomy for Tibetans. An objective desperately sought by Doctor Sangay; to the extent that on May 8 2013, at a presentation to the Council On Foreign Relations in DC, he stunned the audience by announcing that “We don’t challenge, or ask for, an overthrow of the Communist Party. We don’t question or challenge the present structure of the ruling party.” adding “We are not asking for democracy for Tibetans in Tibet… we want rights as per the Chinese constitution.”.

What Now Doctor Sangay?
What Now Doctor Sangay?


Clearly he is dedicated and sincere in trying to secure for Tibetans the coveted status of Chinese citizens and the liberal rights and freedoms they enjoy, so here’s our eight point plan to advance that goal.

1). Dismantle entirely the political structure of governance in exile, this would include closing the Assembly Of Tibetan Deputies (effectively a Parliament)

2). Issue a formal declaration ending the office of the Kashag (the exiled Tibetan Cabinet)

3). Announce that the only legitimate government over Tibetans is that of the People’s Republic Of China (PRC)

4) Formally renounce any and all all political authority deriving from, and resign, your position as Sikyong (Political Leader) and formally close that office.

5). Release a formal statement agreeing that Taiwan is part of the PRC.

6) Publish a statement acknowledging that ‘Tibet’ is formed only by the boundaries of the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region

7) Release a formal admission that Tibet and its people, have since ancient times, been a part of China

8) Concede publicly that matters relating to Tibet and Tibetans is an internal affair of China and make known through a formal public announcement that all criticisms by the CTA of China and its polices in Tibet will end.

We believe that such measures would be a progressive and encouraging development in Doctor Sangay’s efforts to obtain a resolution to the ongoing impasse to negotiations with China. While there maybe some criticism of these compromises, no doubt from the usual hotheads who lack your political wisdom and insight, such is the price of reassuring China’s regime. After all the benefits are immense, citizenship under the laws on autonomy as defined by the Communist Party of China, what a rosy future that would mean for the Zang ethnic minority (formerly known at the Tibetans of U-Tsang)

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