China Exploiting Compliant Western Media In Psyop War Against Uyghurs

China’s propaganda agency Xinhua is curently operating on overdrive, a frenzied response to recent events in Tiananmen Square, with smoke and panic hanging over the location of those dizzying days of proto-Democracy back in 1989, the narrative was all too predictable. Why it had to be the work of ‘terrorists’ and who else to scape-goat other than the Uyghurs, another people whose land and freedom is brutally denied by China’s tyranny. Beijing’s many media friends are uncritically repeating such claims, the bogey-man let loose to wreak havoc in the programed minds of readers across the US, Europe and elsewhere. Who have a Pavlovian response to the mere mention of ‘Muslim’. China’s disinformation engineers know this and are hoping for the character assassination to take root. What better deception could distract attention away from the plight of Uyghurs whose culture and freedoms are under siege by a vicious army of occupation, their lands exploited for fossil fuels and mineral reserves. Oh and did we mention the toxic nightmare of China’s nuclear testing at nearby Lop Nor, which has forever poisoned the local Uyghur population, resulting in birth-defects and contaminated soils and water. Kinda makes you wonder who’s the actual terrorists, right?

Meanwhile the Arab League wrings its hands on events inside Syria, and the United States loosens a few screws on Iran, squaring a circle that advocates human rights while unleashing drone attacks against civilians, hacking the phones of its allies, yet jailing those who dare to spill-the-beans on its odious covert actions. Little thought for events in far off Central Asia, and the condition of Uyghurs and the terrorism that China inflicts. An assault that’s being ignored by both Washington and the capital cities of Arab states. Disappointing that the brotherhood of Islam has failed to unite and offer a single word of condemnation against this cultural genocide waged against fellow followers of Islam. Equally depressing that the outraged voices which clamor against atrocities perpetrated by the United States towards the people of Iraq or Afghanistan seem paralyzed on the subject of East Turkestan, known more widely as Xinjiang, due to China’s description of that land which it so cruelly occupies and exploits. Nor have the terrorized Uyghurs received moral or political support from those who rush to the barricades at the oppression that operates in Palestine. Yet one would have reasonably thought that such champions, rightly troubled by Israel’s brutal denial of freedom and rights for Palestinians, would have a natural and willing capacity to empathize with the Uyghurs of East Turkestan who suffer a range of abuses and cultural genocide, courtesy of China’s regime.

In all good conscience how can anyone valuing justice, freedom and human rights exercise a selective outrage and ignore the suffering of East Turkestan, all abuses and tyranny must be challenged, be it within the United States; as it tries to suppress dissent against its less than democratic rule, the open prison of Gaza; which daily suffers Israel’s military aggression, or the traumatized peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan, who endure China’s tyrannical occupation.

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