Shame Upon South Africa’s Government!


Nelson Mandela was throughout his life exposed to the cynical vapors of politics, felt keenly within internal struggles, that occasionally struck the movement to overthrow Apartheid, or via the political necessities of government. His years as an activist, resistance fighter and eventually President made him acutely aware of expediency, corruption, sacrifice and  economic and political  pressures that necessitate a governing authority to abandon principle in favor of national interest. Such factors play a key role in foreign policy and South Africa’s elite cabal have identified central areas of advantage and like other States are engaged in an active appeasement of China’s regime, in the name of commerce and positive relations.

China’s  Vice President Li Yuanchao was afforded a central and prominent position at the memorial for Nelson Mandela, along with world leaders whose governments once branded him as a terrorist, such hypocrisy and political posturing would probably have raised a wry smile on Mr, Mandela’s face. There was no such honor extended to the Tibetan leader, who was barred from attending, and once again South Africa’s government has banned the Dalai Lama, from participating at a Nobel Laureates meeting.

Denied visas on previous occasions by South Africa, notably to attend Desmond Tutu’s 80th birthday celebrations in 2011, the Dalai Lama is not welcome and the suited leaders of the Rainbow Nation have it seems forgotten their own history of oppression and denial of human rights. Interesting how the allure of trade with China’s regime induces such amnesia! It is a disgraceful action that highlights the odious nature of real-politic in which those whose currency is tyranny, exploitation and violence are honored while the truly principled and compassionate  are rejected. Shame upon South Africa’s government!

6 thoughts on “Shame Upon South Africa’s Government!

  1. More suitable title for your post would be “Wake up Tibetans”. ANC has to feed and dwell the growing population of their country especially Black like any other country. So on the world arena the gambit is not to sacrifice moral and human value at the helm of their economic and political gains. So Tibetans need to wake up and be responsible for our own struggle, no one is going to rescue us in this neoliberal age. Lets be cynical of ourselves not others. Reflect

    1. What an interesting comment, of course if you apply that callous logic to the struggle waged by the people of South Africa then presumably the oppressed people of Soweto and other regions of South Africa had no ethical justification or need of international support?! When the ANC reached out to the world for understanding and solidarity where they told it was their problem and to be ‘realistic’? Meanwhile your remarks pose a straw-man argument in that the original post made no reference to the ANC but exposed the shameful position of the Government of South Africa which is embarked on a policy of appeasement towards China. As a consequence of such a craven policy it banned the Dalai Lama from attending the service of Mr Mandela.

      1. Why should Dalai Lama attend the funeral in first place? Do you remember showing any solidarity from Mandela on the 124 self immolation? How is Govt of South Africa different from ANC or do you think SA is still run by the apartheid govt? May be I was not clear in my first comment. SA was not making any appeasement with China, they are showing their gratitude for China’s support for Mandela. That’s why he is never outspoken on Tibet issue. Hypothetically, if an authoritarian govt supports our cause, won’t do the same? West never came to Mandela’s rescue, so why not show your gratitude to the county that support you during the hard time and reap the benefit of doing business with China. Hope this makes sense to your logic. SA is doing what is right for them and their people. So there is nothing to whine at what SA does with China.

      2. The worst of injustice can be excused, denied and rationalized, which your comments demonstrate very ably indeed. The facts remain that South Africa has chosen to placate the sensitivities of the Chinese Regime with respect to Tibet, it does so by banning the Dalai Lama, which it has done so previously. Like other governments it values trade with China above the values of human rights, democracy and freedom, the very principles which Mandela struggled for throughout his life.

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