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Anonymous Hit Back As China Closes Three Tibetan Monasteries


An anonymous statement has today been posted on the internet by the hacktivist collective responsible for ‘Operation Tibet’ which announced the intent bring down China’s website which covers the area of Nagchu in eastern Tibet. This latest action is linked to news of the closure by Chinese troops of three Tibetan monasteries in the nearby area of Driru.

“#Op_Tibet will Jan 8.2014 be taking down a Chinese government site This action has been taken in response to news that Chinese paramilitary, having terrorized Tibetans in the area of Driru, Eastern Tibet today closed three Buddhist monasteries. Such oppression and violence denies Tibetans their culture. This is unacceptable and all Anons are invited to support this operation and assist efforts to remove this particular site, which is the Chinese regime’s official website covering that part of Tibet.”  SOURCE

Since the announcement appeared we received a number of communications from friends over on Twitter confirming that the site is presently offline, many thanks to @tibettruth for the heads-up on this news and those anonymous activists who have shown such solidarity with Tibet.

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