Truth Of Tibet’s Independence Written In Stone

9th Century ACE Pillar Inscription A Witness To Tibet's Ancient Independence
9th Century ACE Pillar Inscription A Witness To Tibet’s Ancient Independence

“One of the most important treaties between the Tibetan Empire and the Chinese Empire dates back to AD 821-822. The text, carved in Tibetan and Chinese on a stone pillar near the Jokhang temple in Lhasa states that “Great Tibet” and “Great China” would act towards each other with respect, friendship and equality.” Words & Image Above Courtesy Of Jamyang Norbu

February 13 is Tibetan Independence Day a date to honor and recall the fact that historically Tibet was a sovereign state that enjoyed its own national freedom, government and diplomatic relations with neighboring countries. In the context of international law Tibet remains an independent nation under an illegal occupation, with Tibetans a distinct and oppressed people, with the right to external self-determination, whose basic rights are not being respected and subject to heinous human rights abuses. Such peoples, in theory, have a right to external self-determination, and this signifies that such peoples have a right to remedial secession and independence. Today people around the world who care for Tibet, human rights and justice have an opportunity to express solidarity with the Tibetan people in that rightful cause.

Many thanks for all the messages of support which have been received and to our many friends on Twitter and Facebook who have been actively supporting efforts to ensure that others are made aware of Tibet’s independence. Thanks also to those anonymous activists who have announced their support for Tibetan Independence Day, according to a number of posts on Twitter then a number of Chinese government sites look set to be targeted by ‘Operation Tibet’. If any of our friends have any more information or news on that do get in touch.

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A not-for-profit network of individuals who support justice, human rights and independence for the peoples of Tibet and East Turkestan. Based in a number of countries subscribers are actively engaged voluntarily and are wholly supportive and active on the issue of Tibetan independence. We are not a hierarchical organization, there are no offices, nor do we receive or pay salaries, we do not make money from merchandising sales, and rely upon the kindness of individual donors to finance ongoing research and campaigns.

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