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End China’s Genocidal Abuse Of Tibetans!

Mr Goshul Lobsang Another Tibetan Victim Of Chinese 'Justice'!
Mr Goshul Lobsang Another Tibetan Victim Of Chinese ‘Justice’!


Following years of violent abuse, forced labor, meager amounts of food and systematic torture Tibetan political prisoners that do survive are dumped onto the streets, their relatives often uniformed shocked and traumatized by the mental and physical condition of a family member, who for peaceful protest are sentenced to years of misery in one of the many forced labor camps or ‘re-education’ centers which are scattered across occupied Tibet.

Goshul Lobsang, above, is from Tibet’s eastern region of Amdo Machu, he was sentenced in November 2010 to an 11 year jail term for his claimed participation in the 2008 uprisings that erupted across Tibet. China responded with a vicious crackdown that resulted in mass arrests, countless Tibetans simply disappeared, families torn apart and ever more repression imposed upon Tibet. A few months ago Goshul was released and the photograph of his condition is a grim reminder indeed of the manner in which Tibet’s political prisoners are treated. The image has disturbing echoes of concentration camp victims, bodies utterly malnourished through a daily routine of hunger, forced labor and torture, such is the price of daring to defy China’s tyranny!

So we wonder what action the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) will be taking on relating to China’s treatment of political and other prisoners and then we remember that China is a prominent member of the UNHRC and so the prospect of any meaningful inquiry or determined challenge looks fanciful. Why it would be like inviting an International Red Cross that had voted the Gestapo onto its Executive, to launch an investigation into the dark excesses of the SS!

The United Nations however was sufficiently unmoved by such ethical considerations when it last year approved China onto the UNHRC, so we now have the perverse situation where those responsible for the torture and suffering of millions across China and occupied lands such as Tibet,East Turkestan and Southern Mongolia are now charged with the protection of our planet’s human rights! It’s time for us all to oppose the absurdity and demand that China be removed from the UNHRC which is why we are actively supporting and helping to promote an initiative launched by the Geneva Summit For Human Rights And Democracy.

Please sign, share and support their vitally important petition, help spread the word, let’s join forces to challenge this disgraceful situation

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