Tibetan In Kham Sacrifices His Life For Tibet

April 15 a report via Tibetan exile source informed the Voice Of America that a 32 year-old Tibetan, named as Mr. Thinley Namgyal today self-immolated in Tawo, Kham region of East Tibet. He died within a short time ofengulfing himself in flames, a sacrifice which no doubt was protesting against China’s vicious and illegal occupation of Tibet.

Thinley Namgyal Offered Up His Life For Tibet
Thinley Namgyal Offered Up His Life For Tibet


On this occasion, due to the remoteness of the location, the body was taken to a nearby monastery and eventually returned to the family home, usually China’s paramilitary confiscate the remains of Tibetans who self-immolate and refuse relatives the comfort of conducting Buddhist ritual for the deceased. There have been a number of self-immolations in the area resulting in further tyranny from Chinese paramilitary thugs.


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