Tibetan Lama Found Hanging In Delhi Apartment

Tsona Gontse Rinpoche, was found hanging in his apartment
        Tsona Gontse Rinpoche, was found hanging in his apartment


The issue of suicide within Buddhist thinking and teaching no doubt invites a complex analysis, on a more general level, life is precious in terms of our existence, more so as a human being, we are considered as very fortunate indeed to incarnate with a human mind. Such is the broader understanding. To take one’s life therefore, from the standpoint of laity, has generated a perception of what other religious followings could describe as a ‘sin’. Buddhist philosophy is not as simplistic.

“From a Buddhist perspective, what a suicidal person wants is to eliminate not his or her own life, but his or her pain, suffering, despair, torment, affliction, depression, stress, or other physical or mental pains which he or she experiences. The suicidal person has confused two things: the elimination of life and the elimination of suffering and pain.” SOURCE

Reading such wisdom infused words it is difficult to understand the reported suicide of a prominent Tibetan Rinpoche, a Buddhist scholar and practitioner of many years who would most surely have known such core principles.

Yet if we are to accept the account featured by the Times Of India then Tsona Gontse Rinpoche, hanged himself possibly due to an electoral loss by one of his relatives! SOURCE

Are witnessing a tragic reminder that no matter the degree of enlightenment or spiritual practice religious teachers are as prone to emotional instability and despair as the layperson? One thing for sure Tibetans will be shocked and baffled at this sad event, others may be wondering if some darker actions may have been behind this death?

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3 thoughts on “Tibetan Lama Found Hanging In Delhi Apartment”

  1. there might a lots of possibilities..I am not sure

    but of course, we shouldn’t rule out the Chinese occupation to Tibet..which causes pains and furstrations to a lots..I think this is might be the biggest reason

    as for Buddhism, yes, its weird that Buddhist monk suicide, however, there is a lots of monks who have limited knowledge or practice to Buddhism..not every monk really means experienced

    Buddhism is not complicated..according to Pali Tripitaka, the one who commit suicide, bring large bad karmas, that might lead even to hell worlds..Buddha clearly advise against suicide

  2. But how come a true buddhist practitioner ( a rinpoche) could commit such a crime on himself. There is surely some hidden truth behind this….Hope and pray that there will be proper investigation on this situation…

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