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Youdrum: A Heroic Example Of Tibet’s Spirit Of Resistance

Youdrum, Resisting China's Torture & Oppression
Youdrum Unbowed By China’s Torture & Oppression

Image:via tibetexpress

The courage and spirit of resistance that characterizes the Tibetan struggle against Chinese occupation never fails to inspire and attract respect, after all we need to remind ourselves that unlike the vast majority of causes for national liberation the people of Tibet wage an unarmed and largely peaceful campaign against a vicious, and overwhelming foreign aggressor. Despite such a formidable disadvantage Tibetans continue to sacrifice their welfare, freedom and lives to oppose the tyranny of China’s regime.

No finer example of such determination and bravery could eclipse the statement issued on June 12, 2014 by Youdrum a political prisoner, from Kham region of Eastern Tibet, who upon his release after several years of unimaginable suffering and abuse at the hands of China’s regime issued  the following declaration:

“My dear fellow Tibetans, How are you? As you all know I was imprisoned for a few years and also endured considerable suffering. But I don’t regret having endured that suffering as it was my honest and earnest service towards the Tibetan people and Buddhist religion; and also to express solidarity to and remember those great Tibetan martyrs who, under great hope and faith sacrificed their lives for us.

Today, I would like to say a few words. As someone rightly said, “Tibetan people need to be saved by Tibetans themselves, Others cannot save Tibetans”, we need to stick to our ideals and goals. Without being swayed by money and position we need to recognize our friends and foes. For the sake of immediate and future cause, unity and harmony among its people is of utmost importance for any human race.

In these critical times, rather than fighting among ourselves for little benefits in darkness and singing songs in dark caves, it is the responsibility of each and every Tibetan irrespective of age, gender and position who have the heart and courage to strive hard to protect our religion and culture from being trampled under others feet.

Lastly, I would like to add that I have mentioned these things as a Tibetan whose blood originated from Tibet and, whose mind and soul depends on the welfare of the Tibetan people. Although my knowledge and mental capacity is limited, I request everyone to keep these things in your mind.”


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