Demonstrations, News Item, Tibet

Tibetan In Self-Immolation Protest In Golog, Amdo Region

“A Tibetan man has burned himself in front of a police station in protest against Chinese rule.Kunchok, 42, set himself in Gade county in the Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture on Sept.16 but Tibetans nearby managed to douse the flames and rushed him to a nearby hospital.Information of his burning in Tsang Khor town emerged only on Saturday due to communication clampdowns imposed by Chinese authorities.Tibetans who saw Kunchok on fire immediately went to put out the flames and rushed him to an undisclosed hospital where he is being treated secretly.The family members fear that Kunchok could be taken away by the authorities if he survives.Chinese authorities have beefed up security, installing security cameras at vantage points in Gade county, following the self-immolation. Chinese authorities have tightened controls in a bid to check self-immolation protests, arresting and jailing Tibetans linked to the burnings. Some have been jailed for up to 15 years.”


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