China’s Psycho-Regime Now Claims Power Over Reincarnation!

Image: original by scmp/adapted by @tibettruth

The only authority that has the genuine credentials, right and cultural expertise and tradition to recognize any future Dalai Lama is the Tibetan people. China’s regime at best is limited to selecting and enforcing, through intimidation, bribery and propaganda upon Tibet, a stooge candidate. Such an individual will never receive the support or devotion of Tibetans!

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6 thoughts on “China’s Psycho-Regime Now Claims Power Over Reincarnation!”

  1. The twisted logic of the Chinese Communist Party, much like the Nazi regime would have done if they’d won WWII (IMHO); the world needs to wake up to the threat of such a twisted Power state that still illegally Occupy U-Tsang, Kham & Amdo and currently building up their arms!

  2. I pray that this kind of psychos may transition very soon the the realms where their vision is not obscured; for their own good. not creating much more horrendous karma for them and this will have positive effect on the rest of the world can live in peace and harmony.

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